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Published: 08 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Ethan Vanderbuilt is a SCAM ARTIST!!! RIPPED ME OFF FOR $5000 This snake oil salesman tricked me into wiring him $5,000 for his wealthy affiliate program. It’s been 45 days since he made me wire him $5,000 to an account in Panama. I had second thoughts about wiring him the money especially out of the country. I should’ve went with my gut instincts!! I only received some pd’s to my email after paying him all that money. He sent me a pile of junk. Total TRASH!!!!!! He told me that he would help me make money, help me with a roadmap to success. He was so convincing, so sweet to me. This man is very dangerous. He is a real CROOK!!! After I wired him the $5,000 Panama, he disappeared!!! I feel totally violated by this SCAMMER. I thought he was doing some good by exposing scams and I was totally tricked. This FRAUDSTER IS HIDING BEHIND ALL OF THE PUBLICITY HE GETS ON HIS SITE! ITS ALL A FACADE. HE IS A FRAUD. I WANT MY MONEY ETHAN! I WILL GO TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH TO GET IT BACK. I told you that I didn’t have much in my checking account! You assured me that I would make money and that I could trust you. YOU SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR 25 YEARS!!!! YOU ARE CRIMINAL!! THE WORST OF THEM! YOUR DAYS ARE COUNTED! I KNOW YOU WILL BE IN JAIL SOON YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER!

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