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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company is a pyramid scheme that uses unethical business practices. To prove this, I will explain the modus operandi of the company. You will get a call about an interview from an unsually upbeat receptionist (this will mirror all of your interactions with staff). Although not a red flag, it should make you curious. Once you arive to the nice looking office, you will be met by said receptionist, and notice several other people, probably newly relocated to Denver, also awaiting interviews. This should also strike you as unsual, but the company will explain that they are expanding and thus quell any of your logical concerns. In the first interview, you will be given vague job descriptions. They will tell you that this is primarily for a manager position, but it will require a few weeks of sales, since everyone has to start in sales. This should be yet another flag. They will boast of Fortune 500 companies that are currently clients. You leave and can expect to get a call back in approximately one hour. Second interview will require you to bring a notebook. Why? You ignore that question and bring it anyway. This interview will be with another Team Leader, probably from some other city, extoll the virtures of the company and its Millionaire owner. George Papalexandratos. (Look him up if my review isnt enough to dissuade you). Now, here is where the bells should be going off. They explain that this is not a Pyramid scheme because it is not shaped like a Pyramid. Long story short, the company you work for is itself contracted by another company and does not have direct contracts with these fortune 500 comapnies. Further, if you do climb the chain of power, you get your own company. Except, because you are the product of Mr. Papalexandratos, you will owe him 4% of you revenue. But wait! This is not a pyramid scheme because you do not pay him directly, rather it is obfuscated one step more by having the company that hired yours as a subcontractor pay him. If you get past this point, and red flags aren’t waiving and bells aren’t ringing, I’m not sure what else I could say to have an impact. As far as compensation is concerned, expect minimum wage. But rest assured, they promise you, you’ll make more with comissions. Ask about the turnover rate, they will brush it off as a non-concern. Ask about upward mobility, should expect two – four weeks until first promotion. Here you should ask yourself: how can they promote me, and all those other people in the waiting room, in four weeks? Can you have a company with nothing but managers? No. If you still decide to procede, expect rejection by consumers, disputes over pay and hours, and static sales job with the only chance of upward mobility being that someone above you, whose job is also a terrible part of this scheme, has quit. You are free to ignore this review, and say that it was writtern by a disgruntled employee. However, if any of the above is similar to your experience, then please dont waste your time. if you do, good luck. .

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