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Published: 08 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company will promise you one thing over the phone and change up once they are in front of you! The “”ole bait and Switch”” must be there biz model… Gave the exact info off Reg and miles on dash- they quote one price and terms, show up and they drop a 3rd off. All she said was because my title was electric was the reason?! then after i took the loan, i wanted to speak to someone, i had to call a number, but i wanted them to go over my file with me i wanted to see someone in person. they dont do that unless im in Miami – well i live in West Palm Beach, way tooo far!!! So if something happenes i gotta call a number and talk to a rep?? I want to see a live person, i asked for the girl who gave me the loan to meet. they say NO those only do sales calls…and she doesnt have anything to do with the file now…so basiclly she say whatever she want for me to sign the contract but when it comes to keeping to what she says, its not there problem!!! GO WITH ANOTHER COMPANY!!! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR & TAKE THE EXTRA 30MIN TO FIND A COMPNAY THAT YOU GO TOO!!! .

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