Euksuzian Orthodontics

A complete waste of my money!

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Published: 03 July 2019

Posted by: Freddie

The best way to appear confident is to flash a dazzling smile and so before I went for my job interviews after I finished college, I went for the a round of smile treatment at Euksuzian Orthodontics. I thought that my smile would be perfected and my teeth polished to perfection. My teeth were more or less well arranged and it did not seem like I was in need of any major changes. However, as soon as I went to the clinic, I was told that my teeth could look much better and I would have completely new smile which would make look far more beautiful. Well, I just fell for it and booked my appointment for the next two sessions. However, it turned out that they had nothing special in mind and that it was just another regular dental clinic. Yes, I did get some tooth polishing which made my teeth appear bright, but there was nothing about it that justified my paying them all that extra money. The entire procedure was a complete waste and when I told them I did not notice any difference and asked for a refund, they simply refused. They did not have anything special to show for their skills and they are just there to rip off people. To top it all, they tried selling me invisaligns when I did not need them at all- in fact I have never had the need for any kind of braces of any kind and I was certainly not going to use them now. When I narrated the incident to a friend of mine, even she said that she had heard about this clinic before and how they try to pass off as an advanced dentistry and orthodontics center when they are just other ordinary dentists.

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