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Published: 30 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Event Pro Strategies will make any excuse not to pay you. Do not waste your time working for them. In all my experience in this industry, I have never had any problems except for with this company. I get booked for an event and didnt get a check for few months and so I contact them; many diffrernt bookers including the CEO and finally agreed to send my check out which this was in Jan when I worked the event back in Oct. This was after I kept calling. Then they sent the check out to an old address, which I had gave them my current address prior to them sending payment. Then they said they will have to wait a month for it to return then charge me the reprint fee of $35. When I had an email (evidence) that I had updated to my address to be sent to. Another job on my confirmation email for an event, the booker put that I would be paid in 30 days. Then she stopped working there and the Manager said sorry that information is incorrect, we actually dont know when we will be paying you. We are behind in payment. I kept calling bookers and they kept avoiding until finally I got in touch with the Manager. I called the CEO and he hung up on my first sentence into the call about the paycheck. The manager did send my check out 3 months later after the job and thats only after calling and emailing constantly. While on the job the client treated us like crap. The team lead was doing shots on the job, then she got busted so she went around to each staff member and accused us of telling on her. They also booked me on another gig and the booker quit/fired etc during that weekend and the event was cancelled. In the industry I should be paid for that. I contracted to do that 2 day event with them. They made something up that they had contacted me through email. But they didnt and I asked them to furnish proof of this. They could not. They refused to pay me. Every gig that has been canceled I have been paid for with other companies. This is industry standard. This company is a joke. The lowest pay in the industry $14/hr is terrible. I will never work with this company again. I hope people out there read all the many reviews out there on how terrible they are. The business will fall apart through their greed. Most companies just send your check out with no hassle. Its really quite simple pay your employees for their work. Would you like to work all week and never get a paycheck? .

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