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Published: 22 December 2017

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My decision to enroll at Everest College – Phoenix, Mesa and Online, part of the Corinthian College – in November 2007 as the direct result of a local television commercial advertising JOB PLACEMENTS within your field of studies upon graduation, which I received additional paperwork that reinforced the television commercials during my initial meeting with a representative at the school, along with small classrooms and personalized attention. As a hearing impaired individual, the commercial, as well as the initial interview (walk through with a representative) seemed ideal for someone like myself whom just recently moved to the Phoenix area looking to improve my educational background along with the potential to improve my financial status, from depending on my parents to a productive member of society and financially independent. During my initial interview, I explained my desire to begin a career within the banking and finance industry. Shortly after enrolling at the Phoenix School, my academic advisor persuaded me to change my program from an Associate Degree in Accounting to a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, stating: it would open up more avenues (jobs), despite taking a little longer to complete. Since the change in my program studies would take longer to complete, the school would increase their profit margin (tuition) for the additional months it took me to complete the new program studies. (Is this considered having the student’s best interest in mind)? Unfortunately, it appears that acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree at Everest closed doors to graduates as potential employers appear to shy away by not responding to one’s application. Upon Graduating, in October 2010 (with honors), I worked, for over two years, with the JOB PLACEMENT SERVICES (located on campus), in finding gainful employment. Throughout the more than two years of working with the Everest College job placement division, I began to understand the level of commitment, or lack thereof, regarding finding me gainful employment as one employee of this division informed me they were more concern, and focused on finding employment for the medical and the medical billing students, during one of my visits to the school. Moreover, the representatives (at the JOB PLACEMENT SERVICE), advise me to create profiles on job placement web sites, while directing me to other job openings which would require additional schooling. During the course of seeking gainful employment, either with the assistance of the school’s job placement service, or on my own, the amount of my student loans, which I still owe, have increased due to the accumulating interest over these past four years – leaving me in default of my student loans, which is something that is known to damage one’s credit score, and employers look at, as well as frown upon with potential new employees. Furthermore, my inability to find gainful employment, along with the inability to pay off my student loans (going into default) has negatively affected my self-esteem, along with my health (as I have a rash on the top of my hands and feet, which the doctor believes could be the result of stress). Recently release to the public, Arizona is the worst state in the country in job creation, making it more difficult for one to find a job, which the school should have known Arizona’s low ranking (in job creation) since the fielded a job placement services located on campus (Phoenix). As a result of my inability to find gainful employment over the past four years (since graduating with high honors), as well as my inability to begin paying off my student loans, which have all caused low self-esteem, and other health problems, along with my internet research findings that enlightened me to the ongoing business practice of Corinthian College (Everest) over the past seven years, I have contacted Arizona State Attorney General’s Office regarding this matter. In turn, they have forward my complaint to the school, and currently waiting for a response, and advised me, however, that while the complaint process can sometimes be a very lengthy process, it might be best to contact an attorney to represent and provide legal assistance for me. In conclusion, with my student loans in current default (with ever increasing interest, which a representative from SallieMae encouraged me to adjust my student loan payment plan to an IBR, stating that the Federal Government would pay the interest on these said loans (I later found out, this is not the case), along with the extreme duration of my unemployment, makes me very unattractive to potential employers, which makes the likelihood of ever finding gainful employment of any kind (in the future) very remote, even in the retail business, as these employers see my financial obligations and wonder if I would steal from their company. Meanwhile, Everest College is currently running local commercials, which claim that enrolling at their school will improve one’s life – I am curious as to how enrolling at Everest, acquiring large amount of student loans (with the possibility of going into default with the current job market as it is in Arizona), will improve one’s life. Despite the negative impact that attending, and graduating, from Everest College has brought forth into my life, I am currently continuing to further my educational background with an online course for medical claims and billing specialist (paid for by my parents) in the hopes of becoming gainfully employed, brighter future. Meanwhile, I continue to seek legal assistance in my civil action suit against Corinthian College (Everest College) for their fraudulent advertisement, which have, in my opinion, ruined any chance of ever finding gainful employment (My American Dream of being a productive member of society), while leaving me with large student loan debts (currently in default and accumulating interest.

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