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The orthos don’t have much expertise about their own craft!

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Published: 13 May 2019

Posted by: Lizette

I went to Every Smile Family Dentistry for getting some simple cosmetic procedures done, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy or out of the world, I just needed to get the space between my teeth removed. And my experience at this clinic was just horrible. The orthodontics here don’t give a shit about the customer and they will not stop the procedure even if you are requesting them to do so. They will not tell you any side effects or the risks associated with each of their procedures and the overall communication of the doctors is pathetic. The lack of communication made my experience at Every Smile Family Dentistry, more like a horror film. I found out about Every Smile Family Dentistry from their website, where they make a ton of false claims. Their fake advertising and fake claims should stop as soon as possible because misleading people is a big crime here in the states. They work like morons! The fact that the main experts of the clinic don’t know what they are doing is a really terrifying one and it is the main reason why you should avoid this place at all costs. If I had an idea bout their intelligence, I wouldn’t have come here. Every Smile Family Dentistry has a lot of great reviews on Google and Yelp, which state that this is an awesome and helpful place and those reviews were the main things that convinced me to come here. But now I\’m 100% sure that those reviews were paid and definitely not real! When I went there, the doctor did the usual procedure and accidentally chipped three of my teeth! The doctor kept slipping the instrument he was using and the instrument was striking against my teeth very sharply. This happened at least 8 times! Even though the doctors removed the spacing, I was left with 3 chipped teeth. I checked my teeth using my tongue and they felt rough, so I asked the doctor for a mirror and when I saw the chipped teeth, I was totally shocked. I was going to get married next week and now because of the clumsiness of the idiotic doctor, all my marriage pics will have my ugly smile. This was not all, I was experiencing severe pain in my teeth and I couldn’t chew anything other than oatmeal. I was charged a lot of money for this shitty service but because of the urgency, I didn’t argue with them. My teeth have been RUINED permanently! I went to Every Smile Family Dentistry in the hopes of getting a better smile and I received just the opposite of that. Please NEVER go to this place. I’d suggest everyone avoid places like Every Smile Family Dentistry which rob people and do permanent damage to their bodies. I cried for two days straight because of the embarrassment I had to face during my wedding. Every Smile Family Dentistry is the worst clinic in the whole area!

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