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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On the 1st of September I ordered a trial sample from Everydayhappy.com. I received the trial package on about the 8th of September, signed for it in my communities leasing office, the community leasing manager was the one to have me sign for that package (which I didn’t know was there, and the package I went there for, and called immediately to cancel. Was notified that they sent out full order and charged my Visa debit card through Velocity Credit Union. It caused a $34 overdraft fee. I notified them that I just got the package in my hands that day. They said that they didn’t care and I could refuse the order that was sent and they would refund the monthly charge. I just saw today that I was hit with a $34 overdraft fee on September 14, 2015, and I called them to have them refund the fee since I called and cancelled within the 7 days I physically had the trial package. I was told that they don’t refund overdraft fees and that it did not matter when I got the trial package because the office got it on the 5th and me calling 1 day after their concept of me receiving the trial package they will cancel the monthly subscription and refund the returned package but not the overdraft fee because they don’t do that for anyone. I did what I was required to do by cancelling within 7 days of me actually attaining the package with my signature as proof of attaining the trial package. They sent out the package before I got the trial and it’s not my fault that UPS did not notify me that I had a package from Everydayhappy in the office on the 5th. Like I stated earlier I got the package on the approximately 8th of the month because I was notified by the postal service that I had a different package waiting for me and picked it up that day. That notice was in my mailbox. | All I want is my promised refund when they get the returned order since I refused it and the $34 overdraft. I have never had issues with a company like I have had with this one. They are rude and caused me to get very angry. They need customer service training and learn how to make customers happy not upset. Until I get my refund I am still a client so I should have been treated better, whenever I have had issues with online ordering the companies have always made sure that me, the client, happy. They are deceitful, and even with proof of getting the package through a signature and witnesses they still acted unprofessional and had poor customer service.

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