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Published: 12 March 2019

Posted by: rori9495

I am from India I ordered a glass pipe by grav labs. I paid online by credit card. Within 12hours, my payment was processed however, two days later I tried to check the status of my order on the account I created on their website, it only read processing. Fine, two days later no response ! Today is 1st of December and yet I haven”t received any shipping details! I spoke to their executive on the little bubble chat they have, they kept telling me sir I promise your order will be put into transit today! It”s a madhouse over us! Their supplier and ware house problems etc etc. The bloody Black Friday ! I understand there must be a chaos! But it”s not a fault of the customer right? They say they are moving into a new management. So? Why do you accept orders in the first place? After going through all the process of ordering paying waiting! And complaining! You tell that you will issue a refund?! WTH? Am I going through all of this just to get the bloody refund? I do this to get my order man! There is some way one should act professional in these cases. Pathetic customer service! Agents have rote learned one line that, “sir I apologise, I will make sure your order is put into transit, the inventory check problem, stock problems” when we order anything and pay for it there is plenty much of stock at that time but during shipping some ghost comes and eats up their product. It”s like just for that momentary satisfaction you are speaking to the customers! I never asked for anything else but to put the product into shipping! Fine there are lot of orders pending but nobody will hear that! It”s that end result that counts! You want us to understand ur condition on humanity backgrounds?! Well, this is business sir! In this there are no emotions when there is no emotions from you to the customer! Then how can you expect for the same?! I am still waiting for my order to be put into transit! The little bubble chat also donot seem to work anymore it reads that the status is online but no customer care agent comes forward ! Emails are not being responded. Too much communication gap! Yeah! But why worry right? If nothing else then yes they will issue a refund! I have bought many things from us websites but I never had a problem! I read many reviews about this site good and bad both! But in the end most people had the same issue! You are working as an international company but the way you are working is so local! this pathetic service is what I expect from small companies which I don”t want to quote. If not anything then atleast improve your bloody customer care services! Phone number, I tried, Las Vegas as well as London! None of them works! Crap mahn! My bloody 30$ which is 2000INR here in india(my two months electricity bill!)

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