EVgo Services, LLC.

EVgo Services, LLC.

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Published: 10 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please be advised that Evgo owes me the sum of $5,000.00 for lost wages. | On 06/27/2017 I inquired to the human resources manager Maggie Yi, on the status of a position I had recently interviewed for. | Maggie Yi asked if I had other job considerations to which she was made aware I was, indeed, considering another option. | Her response was to specifically ask that I NOT take the other companies project/position until I heard from her. | Her exact words were: “I would ask that you not take this other freelance project until you hear back from us.” | Being that she is the human resources manager one would think she has thre wherewithall to not lead someone on like that without good cause. Furthermore it suggested to me I had gotten the job and was just waiting the formal details. I followed her direction and I declined the position/project from the other company I was considering. | Fast forward: I did not get the job with Eygo. | And more unfortunately on checking back I had found the other position/project I had declined at her request was no longer available either. | Thus, bottom line, her request is directly responsible for literally costing me thousands of dollars. | All of this is documented and can be proven. | While the project I declined was open ended and could have potentially brought unlimited work at this point I will only require $5,000 to settle out of court. | However that amount has been rejected by their attorney Kevin Lee based on a technicality that I was not offered a job. That is NOT the point. The point is I was given a specific request by their HR manager to which I honored. And by doing so I lost out on a project / position that would have been long term freelance employment. | Thus I have no other recourse than to follow through and try to recoup some of my loss in dealing with this cut throat company who refuses to be accountable. | I will be retaining a lawyer and suing for up to the maximum in small claims court of $10,000. | How any company can be so cut throat inconsiderable and unaccountable speaks volumes to the kind of company is and people who direct, manage and represent it.

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