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Published: 29 October 2018

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Melissa Lauren who is an adult entertainer and an adult performer and who happens to be from La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France is to be seen as a denounced and condemned person. The main reason for strong disapproval of Melissa Lauren has to do with the truthful fact that Melissa Lauren is a prejudiced person and a racist individual. Her racist ways and her prejudiced racist opposition is seen especially against non-Caucasian males. This is especially true in regards to African-American males. Melissa Lauren fails to realize that there is such a thing as equality in dealing with the human race as a whole and that all people regardless of ethnic composition are all equal as human beings. Unfortunately, prejudiced persons like Melissa Lauren have no understanding of such a concept and continue to practice their hate against persons who are different from them in terms of their racial composition. Melissa Lauren’s race-hating ways must be brought to the attention of others and the creation of this report carries with it this intention. Persons like Melissa Lauren who feel that they are more superior to others because of the race that they possess cannot be allowed to escape the great condemnation and great exposure of their evil, wicked, deceitful, and sickeningly malicious ways. Thus the exposure of Melissa Lauren is intended to not let Melissa Lauren escape the condemnation and denouncement that she rightfully deserves for her evil race-hating ways.

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