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Published: 31 March 2019

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Slumlord Retaliates Because of Complaints on Single Woman Caring for her disabled Father and Brother with two dogs. We moved in to 7935 Tujunga Ave 91605 in October 2010. There were 5 broken windows, no screens, two holes in wall and roof. Trash all over back yard that took 2 1/2 years to pick up. Lawns had not been maintained and everything was dead. Plumbing problems started immediately and have continued for over 4 1/2 years to present day. We have suspected Mold since 2013 and Landlord was notified then and nothing was done. They are just now concerned with mold because I have complained to the county of Los Angeles. To present day we still have two broken windows and missing screens. One window is nailed shut. I emailed them of Carbon Monoxide leak in 2013 and Landlord had Amazon mail me a carbon Monoxide detector with but had no one come out to install or test. The Gas company recently ordered Hot water Heater Vent be replaced because of Carbon Monoxide leak. They just replaced vent. One of my dogs had to be put to rest because of cancerous tumor, which is a sign of Carbon Monoxide poisoning I asked for a year lease with my mentally disabled brother and disabled father, because they have always lived here and Landlord has always been aware that they lived here, named on lease as well and they sent me an illegal lease to sign without my brother and father on the lease and asking for me to take responsibility for broken windows and missing screens and accept property “As Is” in lease, which I didn’t sign.. Now they want to fix everything after 4 1/2 years and have given us an illegal 60 day notice to quit. The letter to quit from Dennis P. Block & Associates, 5437 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Second Floor, Valley Village, CA 91607 was back dated to 5/26/2015, but actually taped to the door on 5/28/2015. I have statements from both my roommate and brother that there was no notice on the door until after 9 pm on May 28, 2015. The post mark on the envelope that 60 day notice quit was mailed in is May 29, 2015. They demanded rent be paid by 5 pm on the third of June or they would put a 3 day notice to evict on our door, although I have always paid rent in two installments, $1,000 by the 5th of the month and the other $1,000 by the tenth, which has always been accepted with no complaint. The Landlords have been slumlords in the past and continue to get away with this behavior. Please help us. I have a mountain of responsibility taking care of my family and have been taking care of all problems of this house with no compensation or reduction in rent. And have been unable to pursue my own livelihood. While we’ve been living in an “untenable dwelling for the past 4/ 1/2 years the Owner has been buying other properties and renovating them as well as opening a new restaurant back in June of 2010. I was always under the impression that they had no money to take care of things because everything had to be cheap, cheap, cheap when fixing things. But recently became aware that they just didn’t want to spend money on this property. They are coming out on Saturday to rush to fix things. Please help us! Thank you. Tracy M and Family

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