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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: Anna

Dr. Cesar put my life at risk and got me bed-ridden for days through his terrible liposuction. He didn’t tell me about any complications or side effects that might occur because of a liposuction. When I discussed my issue with him, he told me that he’d gladly perform a liposuction and remove substantial fat from my body. He didn’t tell me how much fat he was going to remove from my body. When I had asked him about the side effects he just shrugged it off and told me that every surgery has some risks and I shouldn\’t worry. I thought he was an excellent doctor before this incident. I was looking for a good surgeon for a liposuction. I wanted to get rid of this excess fat and improve my looks.

I looked up online for cosmetic surgeons and I came across Evolution MD. The place seemed like a good choice. Moreover, they have so many positive reviews that it’s hard to believe their reality. Dr. Cesar isn’t a reliable doctor. He’s the opposite. He is a cheat, a liar and a greedy bastard who puts money over the health of his patients. When he did the liposuction on me, he REMOVED 7 LITERS OF FAT FROM MY BODY!! 7 Liters is a huge number. I can’t tell you how weird I felt after that procedure. But I was feeling discomfort more than weirdness. There was a constant pain in my abdomen. I asked Dr. Cesar about the pain and he told me that it was just a natural response. I went home and the discomfort was still there. Next thing you know, I was feeling nauseous. I couldn’t go to work for 4 days because of sickness. Dr. Cesar stopped picking up my calls and now I was certain that he had done some mistake with my procedure. I just didn’t think he’d have done a humongous one. I went to see another doctor and then I found out that Dr. Cesar had removed too much fat from my body. It’s unsafe to remove 7 liters of fat from a patient’s body. I could’ve died! I didn’t know that liposuction could be fatal too. And that’s because Dr. Cesar didn’t bother to inform me about the risks associated with a liposuction. He must\’ve thought that I’d get scared and don’t get the treatment. For a few bucks, he put my life at risk. I don’t know why he did such a terrible mistake. He’s either a stupid doctor who doesn’t know much about liposuction or he is too careless. In either case, he is an unreliable, pathetic and horrible doctor. I’m now undergoing treatment because of that fool’s terrible mistake. I’m glad that I’m alive. I don’t think anyone should visit that guy’s place. He’s a creep and a fool. He doesn’t know how to treat patients and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person who is facing such complications.

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