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They stole money from me and didn’t even accept their fault.

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Stacy

They took my money for a procedure but I never got the procedure done. THEY STOLE FROM ME. I had paid them for 3 sessions of coolsculpting but I only received one! ONE! They didn’t even give me a refund for the other two. They just told me that I was eligible for a single session of coolsculpting. They all are fraudsters. They are defrauding people and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only victim of this sham. Don’t trust all those online reviews. Don’t trust their website. I made that mistake. And I tell you, they are just a group of thieves. They are lying to you so that you will pay them a great sum for the services.

I was looking for a good skincare and body contouring spa and that’s how I came across these guys. They seemed like nice people because of their large number of online reviews and their professional-like website. When I contacted them, they didn’t show any signs of unprofessional or fishy behavior. So I did not consider them as some criminals. Believe me, if I had any idea that they are a group of greedy thieves, I wouldn’t have contacted them in the first place. Why would I? Why would I contact a group of thieves? I wouldn’t want to ruin my face or body. When I talked to those people, they seemed legit. They had all those plans and schemes and they were all very lucrative. They kept repeating ‘It’s my pleasure’ ‘it’s my pleasure’ to act nice. I was happy with them. So I paid them for THREE coolsculpting sessions. And I remember that specifically because the technician there, Isabella, told me that the best number of sessions for me would be 3. So I gladly accepted to get 3 procedures done. I paid them for 2 in advance and told them that I’d pay for the third one after getting one. When they did the procedure, there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I just got some swelling in the areas but they had told me about it. The swelling went away in a couple of days. I paid them for the 3rd session after the first one. They told me to come back after 2 weeks.

When I did, they started telling me that there were no bookings or appointments in my name. I had paid them heavily for those sessions and they were claiming that there was no record of it. I showed them the invoices they had given me and they told me to contact them a week late about the same. They didn’t contact me after that. Now they are claiming that I never paid them and made up invoices for getting free procedures. The staff of that place treats me like a thief. It is almost as if I was stealing from them. I don’t know what the problem of those retards is. They stole from me!

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