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Published: 02 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

These people are extremely unprofessional! From the investigators’ all the way to the top. The inappropriate language makes me cringe and surprised no one has filed a harassment claim against this company. Male or female this language should not be used. They expect you to be on-call, 24-7 to handle cases but they don’t pay you to be on-call. If you refuse to answer your phone, they will just keep calling until you answer. If you still don’t answer you will be denied work. Definitely a violation according of the department of labor. Hiring process. They hire on the hopes that they will get busy. If anyone hires into this company during the months of October to March, don’t count on working 40 hours a week, it won’t happen. The recruiters lie. They will tell you they are busy but they are not. Instead of keeping 3-4 people busy with 40 hours, they will have 7-8 investigators in one area and all will be begging for work. Gas card. This is a good benefit…..when you work. The $50 bonus, however, is a joke (which is taxed) if you are above average miles per gallon. At least make it worth a persons’ effort if you want us to save money. Benefits. Terrible. Very expensive and still have to pay out of pocket for your health care. Vehicle allowance- based on the hours you work. Work is slow during October through March; good luck trying to get your allowance. A lot investigators use this allowance for car payments, because you are getting new vehicles every few years because of the wear and tear. If you have an older vehicle that needs repairs, this $325 is consider pennies for what the cost of repairs are. Again good luck! Paid time off. You get vacation time but you better put it in months in advance or you will not be able to take it. The no time off in March because they do a mad rush to close out the books and get every possible penny in there. Really?? Slowest time of the year. The constant emails of doing updates, uploading video, doing reports, etc, get rid of the employees that obviously can’t handle this. Maybe you would have a better core of investigators that actually cared and gave you a good work product. Being acknowledged for a job well done. Forget it. Does mean anything, you won’t get more work then say the person that screws up an investigation every day. Advancement. They advance who they want. If they don’t know you or like you, even though you have the credentials, you won’t even get passed the application process. You are asked to do a sales persons job and call clients to get cases. ICS maybe you need to look internal with your sales department that is horrendous. The clients that you are not allowed to contact and you contact the “SAM” don’t count on them to get cases for you. Bunch of useless managers in this company. Holidays – You do not get paid for holidays unless you work. Most you don’t work so they hit you in your pocket! Raises- You get evaulated yearly but expect a 2-3 percent raise….which is something but you can get up to 5 percent. Don’t count on 5 unless you want ICS to be your life and not spend anytime with your family. Every year employees are asked to fill out a survey on how the company is doing, what they can improve on. Year after year the complaint are the same…..so Dave Merrill when are you going to address these issues?? Bottom line, you don’t care about your employees and this is why you have such a big turnaround rate with investigators. When are you going to realize the investigators control the profit you make…..you don’t take care of them, they won’t take care of you. I’m sure someone will respond and say ICS has an open door policy and you can talk to anyone at anytime. More like open the door and as soon as you’re done they will shut and lock the door because you won’t have a job anymore. .

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