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Published: 06 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Items ordered were listed on their site for several weeks before I ordered. When selected and ordered via internet, made electronic payment, but stated in remarks that I did not want any substitutions whatsoever made on the order. (I had previously experienced a problem with a Florida vendor who advertised one thing but would send another and then play dumb.) I didn’t want to go through that ordeal again. A couple of days after my order was accepted, they sent me a note saying, oh, the item you ordered isn’t in stock and isn’t being made by manufacturer any longer. Pick something else so we can fulfill your order. I sent them a reply and referred to the note about no substitutions and to simply refund my payment promptly. They replied the next day saying they would fulfill my request for refund, but it would be 7-10 days before it could be processed. I responded to them that in this day of electronic payments, 7-10 days is unacceptable. That tactic is what they used to use back when you mailed checks back and forth across the country. We aren’t in the stone age anymore, quit hanging onto those old laim excuses and get with the program. I am still waiting on my refund. After researching a few sites, I learned that this is apparently common practice for a lot of these online scam artists. Use your money for a couple of weeks and gain interest on it and then process refunds. It is fraud, by whatever means to handle business with folks in this regard. At least there is somewhere you can warn others or expose shady operations to others with these forums.

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