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Excel High School – not the Right School for your Child

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Published: 15 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A school is a place where a child is sent to learn. It’s called a child’s second home but sometimes the second home starts teaching which is not at all appropriate. Yes, same was the case herein with Excel high school. I was very happy when I got my kid admissions there after having a transfer of my job but u had no idea that I was going to regret it so badly later. Exactly I regret sending my child there because they are the ones who at an early start make a child mind so polluted that they are not even ready to listen to their parents. They tried getting racism thing my child’s head. Hated them when I got to hear this but thought to let it go. But still, somehow I controlled and waited for another thing to happen which was not even that later. I got to see one more of sooner than it was expected to be.

It was last week when I asked my child to come and show me his books. He did the same but guess what he was just not just willing to come to me. When I tried teaching he was resisting all my words saying mam taught me this I won’t follow anyone else. But how can someone be allowed to learn wrong? Well, I couldn’t do so. They teach wrong and even the child if they write wrong, no concern is given to it. The teachers just correct them and hand over the notebook to the kid.

Well, I don’t know about others but my personal experience with it wants my child to be out from there soon so that this wrong thing can be stopped getting to his head. Personally not recommending to anyone to give child admission there.

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