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Published: 11 March 2021

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Vacation Services Of America / Excursions/ Severe Misrepresentation of Travel Savings | 1 | 2900 Green Mountain Dr. Suite 213 | Branson MO 65616 | (888) 389-5085 | On August 2 2019 my wife and I attended a sales presentation at Branson, Mo. sponsored by Excursions Vacation Services of America. One of their top salesmen, Danny , spent about an hour enticing us with incredible travel deals that only their club (Excursions ) could provide. Amazing deals on condos and Hotel rooms We do a lot of online searching finding the best travel deals, so we know good deals when we see them. | We were told that travel agents and the online travel sites like Priceline, Travelocity, and orbits were not able to beat the prices available through the Excursions This is because Excursions does not advertise and they pass the savings on to club members at this same price – bypassing wholesale and retail markup that can be anywhere from 50-200%. Some other deals they promised were: | • Get a $120 hotel for $40 | • Get a $90 hotel for $38 | • Get a $60 hotel for $34 | All of the above promises turned out to be false. The presentation was very convincing Hotel rooms for $34 to $40 all across the country | At the end of the meeting, the salesman wrote on the board that we could join the club today for $10,095 Our salesman, Danny, continued to convince us that the incredible deals were real, pulled right off the Excursions website and that we should easily be able to save on every trip, since we use the online travel companies like Priceline and Travelocity to find deals. | We felt like they were telling us the truth, Danny said if we bought today they could cut the price more then half and then came to our table and invited us to go with him to his office to talk about how much of a discount we could get he offered us a buy in to the travel club for $5389 If the savings were really as good as they said, we felt like $5389 for a lifetime of exceptional travel savings that can’t be found anywhere else was well worth it. | So, we joined the club for $5389 on Friday Aug 2 2019 so when we got home from our trip a few days latter I received a email from Excursions with the web address and password to log in to there web sight so when we check for Hotel prices for DiAnne next trip on the 23 of august 2019 the prices were not any different the everybody else certainly not $34 to $40 a night for Hotel room as they promised These were not the savings we were promised. | We decided after several more attempts to find cheaper deals,all over the country that we had been sold a lie by Excursions Vacation Services of America. but they have a program called Online Walkthrough its is a web walk thru led by a representative from Excursions we thought maybe we were not using the web site right and they could show us what we were doing wrong our representative was Jada we logged into there web walk site and Jada her pointer was visible to us. | She gave us a demonstration on how to search for Hotel rooms and Guess what program site she used the same one Danny used in his presentation to sell us the fake travel discount hotel rooms yup Orlando Florida it popped wright up $34 to $40 dollar rooms all over Orlando Florida. when I tried to scroll the web page it would not scroll when I clicked on to one of the rooms it would not open that is when I realized the web page was fake and they were using there set up page or web program to trick you into believing it was real but it was designed to make you think they were really online. | All across the country you could get these great hotel deals through them Lie Lie Lie the only place is Orlando Florida and according to the BBB the parent company to Excursions is Vacation Services of America located in Florida I would say they have a deal worked out with the Hotels in Orlando and vicinity because when you search there web site for a Hotel room in Palm Beach – West Palm Beach (and vicinity), Florida, there prices average some where between $89 to $203 a night Orlando and vicinity is the only place you find this great deal on rooms We called and asked for a refund. | they said they did not lie because you can get a hotel in Orlando Florida for that price but I can tell you that is the only place we were told we could not have a refund because we sighed a legally binding contract but the contract was based on a lie they are committing Fraud there whole sales pitch was that other travel sites like Priceline, Travelocity, and orbits advertise and 60% of there ticket price was for the advertising but here at Excursions we don’t advertise like them we have 500,000 members so we pass on the saving to our members for that reason you can get an average of $38 to $40 a night for hotel rooms across the country.

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