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Published: 24 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Excede Satelite are crooks. First on their page they offer several data plans one was 50gb for one price but when you call they say that plan isnt available where you live and charge you three times as much for less data.Then They had me sit at my house an entire day & never showed up. They offered me a free month to give them another chance.the guy who installed it put it behind a sectional couch we couldnt get to it. So he had to come back again. So i was offered 2 free months.well The internet is slower than dial up and on the day after my new month was supposed to start & my free data would be added from my 20gb credit I got an email saying I had exceeded my data. I called again told the woman everything told her there was no difference the entire month its been slower than dial up. She said she couldnt help me until i reupped my data plan she say my free credit wouldnt be applied until the 28th 4 days later. I asked to talk to supervisors she refused to help me.. I told her it cut down was just as slow i only knew because of email that i had exceded my data instead right after i got off phonr they cut it down so slow i can do nothing. Noone will give me any answers or help. Ive called all month about it. They are crooks charging outrageous prices for terrible service because theres no other kind of internet available here except hughes net & everyone ive talked to said theyre just as bad. You cannot even stream a movie it takes 3 hours to stream an hour and half show & while its downloading noone else can use the internet not even to go on the web browsing. I would like to sue this company im tired of being taken advantage of & being treated like im garbage. Please if anyone knows who i can get help from please lwt me know. Noone at excede will help me ive been yelled at treated rudely & hung up on.not to forget all the money they took for no service. Email me at .

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