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Took $400 for 1.5 hours and did a shitty job

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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We got a new house and contacted exodus moving and storage for moving our furniture and had a terrible experience. It was a loathsome and alarming experience. I STRONGLY ask you to locate an alternate moving organization other than Exodus except if you like being dropped on a minute ago due to over-booking and after that being stood up on the day you were rebooked for. Brian was the person we talked to and after calling and calling endlessly lastly got a call from a guy who had Brian get back to us and he asserted he doesn’t recall the discussion regarding rebooking us for today. After getting into a serious argument we finally managed to get an appointment and they agreed to send their men. I should\’ve most likely dropped this move altogether when they were over two hours late to appear for our turn. It was distressing because we had so much to do other than the moving process. We just purchased our absolute first shiny new home and these folks figured out how to scratch our floors and ding our dividers and cause drywall harm to our absolute new home. In the process of moving the couch, they scratched our newly painted walls. Over that, they harmed and destroyed our fresh out of the box new master bedding by getting it stuck on the railing as they were going up the stairs and tearing a major hole in the base of our mattress. Their employees used foul language and were shouting at one another in Spanish. One of the men attempted to carry an overwhelming closet box up the stairs with the case on his back and tumbled down with the container over him. His partner helped him up. They were worn out and said they hadn\’t found the opportunity to have lunch because of twofold reserving. They are short at staff and because of double shifts the employees are worn out and make mistakes. Superficially this place might look promising yet I could guarantee you it\’s a long way from that. Beginning with the team of workers who are generally well 98% of them are on parole probation or drugs. The owner additionally puts his driver’s security in danger by sending risky vehicles out and about likewise gambling with the safe shipment of your assets. None of those concerns bother the owner just him getting paid matters to him. In the end, we were charged almost $400 for a 1.5-hour work. The standard rate for the movers is way less than that and with such poor services provided, they should lessen their rates. This is no real way to maintain your business. If you don\’t manage on your work orders as guaranteed you ought to at any rate offer your client a good amount of discount or at least pick up their calls to reschedule their appointment. I suggest you stay away from Exodus moving and storage Inc and encourage you to look for a better company with good services.

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