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Published: 07 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Sarah Mabry is a bad breeder of Bengal cats from Indiana. Her cattery is called Exotique Bengals. Sarah Mabry sells sick cats. After I had my problems I learned from talking to others that she is a terrible breeder who sells sick cats. She has had kittens die from FIP. She has also spread herpes to other people by selling infected cats. According to people and bengal breeders I spoke with later, she has had chlamydia in her cats and the cats have gone untreated. The other breeders in her town all know about how bad her breeding operation is. The first thing you will notice if you deal with Sarah Mabry is that once she has your money her involvement is finished. You will never get your money back. She also will not help you when you discover problems in the kitten you purchase from her. I bought a kitten that was quite beautiful – but I som learned that it was very sick. I received a kitten from Sarah Mabry in November 2014. The kitten arrived sick with runny eyes and it was sneezing. Sarah Mabry made no attempt to return my many messages. I took my kitten in to my veterinarian for a PCR test, and the kitten tested positive for herpes. Sarah Mabry has offered no help to me or any compensation at all. Since I already had another cat, I now have two cats exposed to this incurable virus. I was told by the veterinarian to treat the cat with L Lysine. And I was told that the cats will have flare ups and be carriers for the rest of their lives. I was very upset. Especially since I paid a lot of money for the kitten and the breeder would not stand behind the kitten. My advice to you is do your homework and buy your Bengal cat from a reputable breeder. And if you want a cat from this bad breeder – good luck. .

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