Expedition America

Expedition America

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Published: 20 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Expedition America employee was on a tour bus i was talking with the bus driver i told him this bus stop is not for tour bus he told me he would not move i had to go to work it was my bus stop culver city bus stop i was video taping the tour bus driver to send to his boss then out of no where Expedition America employee told me to stop the video she got in my face she Assaulted as seen in video took my samsung s8 phone and broke the glass and the end ran a block with it give it to someone in subway i called 911 they got away i called Expedition America talk with the boss i sent him video he said he fired her that day and told me he would pay for my phone i told him i would make a apartment with best buy in 4 days i took off work he told me he would send money 1 day mail the day i had to go to best but sill did not get money he said he sent it he said he would track it on line it was all a lie got all his texts i told him i would sue him and put this on outscam he did not care his last text he said he tried to work this out with me i said by lieing to me about sending money the video dai. [continued below]….

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