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ExperTec Automotive, Inc.

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Published: 22 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

False advertising: California Business and Professions Codes:17200,17500 and 17509. They promised to check the engine oil as a courtesy on the web site. They left it two courts of oil low. Discovered by : Car Pros Kia. Of Huntington Beach Calif. They have a friend that appears to be aiding and abetting in their wilfull neglect. Under negligence: No ordinary or reasonable care. Albert Hahn of the Bureau Of Automotive Repair ,demanded to know from the customer as follows he asked the following question to the customer: ” Did you ask them to check the oil”! The answer from the customer was: ” No”. Then at this point : AKA: Alobert Hahn ,their possible close friend , said: “I’m closing the case”. | To this day it unknown if their personal friend from the : Bureau Of Automotive Repair ,ever wrote them up. For intentional wilfull negligence ? Is this to some extent: Aiding and abetting? California Penal Code:31 ? Next: It was young : Oliver that installed the transmission. Upon discovery: (1.) The fan wire motor wires were shorted out and melted near top portion of the radiator. (2.) The stud on the long exhaust flex pipe was broken off. Not even a word about. It was not like this. (3.) Execessive vibration. The probable cause issues with brakes? The brakes were changed and very new. (4.) It took many trips back to the incompetant none mechanics to finaly find the starting problem. Very bad customer service. A supposed male Hispanic adult was asked about, a certain noise on the car. His responce to the customer / consumer was : ” Why are you being so anal”! The female white adult that works the front desk was heard making the following suspicious remark the day the transmission was instsalled: ” Now were going to get negative reviews on Yelp”. She was observed laughing and giigling. The day the transmission was installed , it took longer then informed. Young: AKA: Oliver drive up fast then ran out. The car was bouncing around. They were reported to the : Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. Then Consumer Affairs found their very own : w***e: Albert Hahn. He completly sided with them and justified their negligence. He should not be working for the Bureau Of Automotive Repair in Irvine. Its not the job of any consumer / customer to inform them to check the engine oil. They promised they would as a courtesy on their web site. Is this a breach of implied contract???? California Civil Codes:3300-3400? | So instead of fixing their wilfull and deliberate issues they caused. They used plausable denibility. The excuse was no doubt the car was old and it was bound to happen sooner or later. Its unknown if they mistreat all customers ? Or just those not related or friends. | They are not: ( Honest ), ( No integrity ), ( Unreliable ), ( Can not be trusted ). I ask this will the owner , his female front desk female , his two wrthless empty suit managers , and all his none mechanics volunteer for the following three forms of scientific evidence: (1.) (2.) California Evidence Code:801.70 >This is sodium pentethel the lie truth serum.? (3.) California Evidence Code: Section : 795Hypnosis. | With the following prerequsites : ( A) When speaking should they volunteer to answer certain questions to have their very own and specific unique voice prints measured by a : F.B.I. voice analizer machine ,that measures voice print stress levels? ( B) Toxicology report ,by a licensed and credable medical doctor ? ( C) No shoes so they can’t put thumb tacks ? ( D) Volunteer to be filmed to be posted on : You Tube? Both in writting or implied and verbally or expressed ,to do the entire three forms of scientific evidence and the prerqusites to be filmed and to be posted for : You Tube? Note: If all the none mechanics that have been previously employed here and currently are employed refuse : Can this show : ( Reasonable Doubt )? Which does equal : ( Guilt)? Will any of the none managers volunteer ? Will the owner and female empty suite volunteer? Then if they refuse the small three forms of scientific evidence along with the volunteered suggested forms of: Prerequsites than can this show: ( Reasonable Doubt ) ? Of which can equal : ( Guilt ). | Note: As we know : Polygragh is very weak and inconclusive. This is not a violation of the : Polygragh Protection Act.So why are we : Consumers / customers obtaining : Silence Of An Enity Based On Time Of Discovery? California Government Codes:911.23 and 911.64. We need to see them on : You Tube while conducting the three forms of scientific evidence and prerequsites . Why are they making us wait? Do they have alot to hide???? If so why? Note: Should they volunteer: (Question ) 1. Has the none managers or owner had any of the none mechanics that are employed here that are commission ,hourly ,salary ever at any time to any customer or consumer fix one thing on any car ,then deliberately allow any self proclaimed mechanic deliberately damage other portions of any customers car? 2 Question : Was the motive and intent to create more work and make more money?

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