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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Random Text showed up on my phone telling me that I was perfect for an extra in a Sara Jessica Parker HBO drama coming up soon. Curous I called the number from a land line. First time the number discconnected, the second time I got connected to someone on a very bad phone line (I am in Telecom Sales so found that interesting right off) After listening to the woman on the phone talk for more than 5 minutes straight (yes I timed it) I was finally able to chime in when she was giving me feedback about my profile picture and started telling me that I could make a lot of money. I told her several times that I did not load the picture that they had and I have done performance before and still do as a hobby and that I would not submit a Head shot like the one they had on the profile EVER. After She realized that I was not driven by money she tried to connect me to customer service on my request to de-activate my account. In her words “She did not have the power to deactivate my account. After sitting on hold (10 plus minutes) and an automated message telling me that I was the 4th caller than the third caller all the way to the next caller, I went to a voicmail box and was told to leave a message. Again sketchy for a national company with so many resources, you think they would have someone on the phones for customers and not a generic voicemail box. I actually suggest you just go right to the website and de-activate it yourself. I was able to do that all while sitting on hold .

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