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Published: 09 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We went to the dealership on July 28th in need of a car as ours has mechanical issues. We expressed to the sales guy that a reliable vehicle was a necessity as we have small children, jobs and my husband has VA appointments each week. We were sold a van under the expectation it would be a reliable vehicle. | On 8/6/15 we were traveling to visit family in Texas when we ended up stranded on the side of the road. Not even a week after purchasing, while they towed us and had the vehicle repaired we had to pay for a rental car, out of pocket as well as hotel stays since we hadn’t made it to our destination. Costing us roughly an extra $300. We expressed our concern to the business partner/manager Brian Wolfswinkle and asked that we be able to choose a different vehicle since this one had issues. Brian not only laughed at us but told us that wasn’t going to happen. | The repairs didn’t last and on our return trip home we broke down again in El Paso, meaning another hotel stay and my husband subsequently lost his job since we didn’t make it home on time. We returned late the night of the 10th only to take the car to the shop on the 11th since the air conditioning was not working. After another repair we were supposed to be done with any issue in the car. | Beginning late September the transmission was slipping, we took it in again and were charged a deductible to cover the repair. In the meantime, I had to pay for a cab to and from work since Express won’t give you a loaner car. | We got our car back only to have the taillights stop working the following day. This is now 5 major issues with the vehicle. I was told the lights wouldn’t be covered as it is an electrical issue. The vehicle cannot pass emissions or be driven legally without taillights. October 28th the transmission went out AGAIN. I took the vehicle in the following weekend and have not gotten my vehicle back. | I have paid $597.23 out of pocket for a rental car so that I can get to and from work, on top on my monthly car payment of $348.42. I am constantly getting the run around, they refuse to even tell me where my car is at since they sent it out for repairs and the manager won’t return my calls anymore. I finally spoke with him in which he said there is nothing he can do and inspire of the vehicle being inoperable and out of my possession he still could not and would not give me another vehicle. | The manager Jason, also told me that they have the same guy who hasn’t fixed it working on it because they don’t want to spend any more money while my car is still not in my possession and I am spending hundreds on rentals and car payments after financing an overpriced car. Silent partners Angela Buschell, Nick Hecko, Darrel and Brian Wolfswinkle say that because I told my story on the internet they will not go “above and beyond” (Jason Frey Sttd) to help me and my family. Personally, making right on a bad vehicle you sold to me isn’t going above and beyond it’s practicing integrity and honor.

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