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Paid a fortune to have my life ruined

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Published: 10 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is the first time in my life I’ve dealt with something like this, the extension of this scam net surpasses me, it all started with just a fried lightbulb, and now I’m a homeless mother of 3.
I remember that I had to call someone over a shortcut on my little girl’s room that provoked her nightlight to explode. There was absolutely nothing else wrong in my house, so I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with it personally. I work almost 24 hours a day all week, my work and my kids take all of my time, so I have an assistant to ease the load. I asked her to contact someone regarding the issue, she did, it all worked out, great.
Now, 3 weeks later, I received a call stating that my kids were under social service custody; apparently, I had left them home alone (which was a big lie because they have a 24/7 nanny). According to the person on the phone, I was about to lose custody unless I signed up for a few social programs and paid a fee. Due to this mess, I had to leave work (which, by the way, ended up costing me a week of salary), to see what was going on with my kids. I found out that my house had caught fire while the nanny was grocery shopping, and my children were found outside, terrified, and alone. The official report stated that the fire was caused by, and I quote: ”several flaws in the house’s electrical system” obviously caused by the same company who had previously fixed the electrical socket a while back.
I talked to my assistant about this, actually almost fired her, she had contacted the people at ”Express Electrical Services” to make the repairs, they told her that the house was very old and the problem wouldn’t be fixed unless they changed the entire wiring of the house, so she let them do it, they promised it was the best option, and that’s why it was so overpriced.
I have already sent my complaint through every single one of their regular channels, even though the manager couldn’t care less about the situation. I’ll be putting a denounce shortly; in the meantime, I just needed to post this, so everyone else knows about this situation. Everyone needs to know what these people are capable of when it comes to getting your money.
I was barely able to keep my children after the incident, almost lost my job, my kids have a pretty much permanent trauma, and of course, I’m homeless. Everything because some greedy company went as far as to actually destroy my house and charged me thousands of dollars for it.
I don’t know how their business is still going and how they have never gotten anyone killed, but I’m certainly making sure that this doesn’t go on any longer. I’ve put together a form to request the complete shutdown of this business. If you have been affected by their practices and would like to get back at them, welcome!

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