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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

There is not much more I can negatively say about Express Flooring that has not been said by hundreds of other unhappy and dissatisfied customers. My only failure was that I did not do the research prior and have fallen into the same misfortune as those before me. | My Story begins very happily, just retiring from the military and awarded disability benefits. I decided to use some of that hard earned money to upgrade my home with wood flooring. Considering Express Flooring offered a Military discount, they must be a stand up company right? I couldn’t be more wrong1 | I was greeted by one of their sales reps at my home to discuss wood flooring options. Much to my surprise I was this man’s first sales call. As we began the process of selling me wood flooring he seemed quite nervous, but hey everyone has a first sale in a position like his. He proceeded to try and sell me wood over laminate while holding and showing me laminate explaining how wood is far superior in quality. | The salesmen told me 3 different warranty lengths, 20, 30 and 50 years. When I asked him about how the flooring butted up again the baseboard he replied with; don’t worry it will look good, He clearly didn’t know. To make matters worse when drawing up the agreement he could not do simple math or calculate percentages and me to do it for him. When calling into the main office to get prices he had no clue he was showing me laminate giving them the wrong code numbers. As it turns out after speaking to the sales manager (Rick) the next day, the rep was in fact brand new. Rick also went on to explain that he had his reservations about hiring him, but was charismatic, though lacked intelligence and industry experience. Rick offered one month off of my bill and a free cruise to compensate me for the experience I had. | Moving along to the install, this is where the disaster really starts to unfold. While I made it clear to the salesmen I wanted the flooring undercut and up against the baseboard, they took the cheap and less labor intensive route installing ¼ round without my consent driving nails into my baseboard. While attempting to have this fixed their operations manager Henry Jaffe insisted that this was all my fault and stated it could not be fixed. They even went as far as trying to bribe me with cash offer of one payment off to avoid conflict. While attempting to reach an agreement Henry refused to replace my damaged baseboards that had ¼ round nailed and glued to them. Also asked me to pay an additional $500 for labor/material costs to fix their error. The plot thickens by Henry asking me to execute a document swearing to secrecy never to tell anyone of the agreement or place it on social media. Henry even went as far as threatening me saying if I take them to court all offers will forever be off the table. | In the end I am taking Express Home Services, LLC dba Express Flooring (ROC200037) to court for damages to my home, repair of my flooring, administrative mistakes and all fees associated. Express Flooring has over 155 BBB complaints, hundreds of negative reviews, thousands in customer payouts. In short, do your research and find a solid company. | I never asked for anything for free, just quality for what I paid for. I guess that was too much to ask of Express Flooring, the courts will decide! I’ll keep you all posted

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