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Published: 21 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I just found out that there is a possible law suit regarding Express Flooring (1-800-Express Flooring). I can give you a general summary, as I am at work and do not have access to my records. I will update this later. The basic summary is: About 3 years ago, I had a representative of Express Flooring come to my home to show me samples of laminate flooring. I picked out the Austrailian Pepperwood design on the highest priced ($3,000.00) Presidential laminate; the representative actually took his keys and tried to scratch the laminate and it made no marks/scratches. When they came to my house to put the flooring down, it was the right design, but a different name was on the laminate boxes. I told the driver that I didn’t order this laminate, but the Presidential laminate. I was told that the laminate they brought over was the Presidential. Express Flooring sent only one person to do the laminate which took him almost 2 days to complete. After the laminate was placed, about a week later, I noticed that the laminate was scratched in places, and when damp mopped, made it look like @ $t. I contacted Express Flooring and a manager from the Tucson office came over. This person said there was nothing wrong with the laminate. I showed him the problems and the quality and he was extremely rude and said that there was nothing he could do and it was my problem. I have names, dates, invoice, and all the email communications regarding this issue. I asked Express Flooring to replace the laminate to the quality I ordered and was told that it was my problem. I threatened to sue them, but I was told that they had more attorneys on their side and I would end up paying for THEIR attorneys!! I contacted some attorneys here in Tucson for legal advice to sue Express Flooring, but was told since the flooring only cost $3,000, it would have to go to small claims court. This is my opportunity to join forces with others who were scammed by them. I was only a customer trying to get a great quality laminate and it turned out to be a total nightmare and took months of communication with Express Flooring and nothing could be done. Like I said, I have all the documentation that I put together and kept it in case this issue came up again. Please let me know if you want my documentation mailed or faxed, or what the next step will be for this report.

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