Express Plumbing, LLC.

Express Plumbing, LLC.

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Published: 11 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company was referred to me by another company a little under a yr ago.My pipe in the basement collapsed under the floor I called them to repair.They came out repaired little did I know I was being overchared at the time.The area they repaired was always a little damp around it I didnt let it bother me thought it was weird but it was not alot of water. Back in Nov when we had so much rain I called a plumber to clean my sewer it was draining but not quick enough so they came out.While the plumber was there I asked to have a camera put in my main stack just because I was curious.When he did so he told me there was a leak where Express plumbing connected the pipes,I called them immediatly to address the issue.The owner Jim very rudely tells me he would send someone out and hung up on me.The next couple days pass no one showed called and they didnt bother to return my calls,I let it go its just a small leak.Afew days ago after another MO downpour I called a plumber to get my sewer cleaned out while they were cleaning water and dirt began to rise out of the area that was repaired by Express plumbing they staed the same as the first plumber the pipe was leaking most likely from the connection.I called Express plumbing spoke with the owner he said hed send someone out next week I tyhen told him the issue couldnt wait and someone needed to come before that,he sent someone within a few hours. The plumber he sent said he couldnt do anything now because of all the water I would need to pay for removal of this,I said thats fine but will I get reimbursed if its from there plumbing. He then tells me most likely but I will have to pay for them to break up and dig the pipe out,I refused to.I contacted the owner again he said at first that the job was done over 2 yrs ago no longer under warranty.I then sent him my invoice that was from May 9th 2016 stating all parts and labor were covered for 1 yr.He then proceeds to tell me thats not his handwriting he doesnt know who wrote this reciept he was out of town that weekend.I then sent him a of the check he cashed and he stated I refused services from them they tried and he doesnt owe me anything I dont have enough proof goodluck.I told him I would report him to whoever I could he became upset about this and eventually said he would pay if everything checked out. I had my plumber come this morning to repair Express Plumbings work they told me theyd never seen anything like it express plumbing cut the pipe that was leaking a 9inch clay pipe and placed a 3inch pvc pipe inside without sealing at all they poured concrete over it . I took pictures the whole process and sent to the owner showing him what his company did telling him I wanted a refund he responded “forget it take me to court”.While the plumbers were fixing this he sent someone over to my house they walked in without knocking I asked him what he was doing there he said he was there to take pictures and see exactly what was going on,he took pictures and left.I have not heard from Express Plumbing since.

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