Expresso Shipping Lines

Expresso Shipping Lines

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Published: 28 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Ordered some cough syrup, which I was told was signed for and prescribed via a real Doctor in California. I was already suspicious of this but guarenteed it was a legitimite prescription and was not illegal. Upon being contacted by the shipping company, it was not a real shipping company. It was not USPS or UPS Or fedex dhl, or anything. it was called So i went to there website which was a total red flag for a front of suspicious scam activity. No contact info no big website, no immediate tracking available. They PERSONALLY contacted me via text and horrible english grammar about delivering me my package via a van. When i started to question this, which is highly questionable because when has a USPS or fed ex person text messaged you via a personal number? Never.. So upon questioning when my package would be delivered, they started to make up ridiculous customs claims about needing a customs stamp and city permit sticker? LOL completely random and wrong, the package was being shipped WITHIN the united states, which anyone knows does not have to do with any customs. So they started to threaten me to go to jail if i did not pay 1200$ within the hour so customs could release my package. secondly, if customs had my package which is impossible cus it was being shipped within the states, they do not hold your package and allow for you to PAY your way out of having it released LMAO!!!! As if a drug dealer could ship cocaine across international boarders, have it seized than be allowed to PAY for its release than we would all be drug dealers !!! Anyway, I did not bite and did not get scared by his threats, and did not pay the crazy amount because he could not answer my questions about why it was being held by customs when it was beind shipped within the states and i asked abunch of good questions in which all he could do was threaten me. These guys are scum of the earth.

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