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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

She notice when it came up to that amout becosue she went out her way to pay some bills and they said there is no more money left in your bank account becouse 300 dollers more was taking out your bank account so if your CANADIAN I ADVICE YOU ALL NOT TO BUY THERE HAIR they will steel your money with out you knowing and when she recieved her hair the ends came out VERY VEDRY VERY BRITTLE and the only reason why it probably came out brittle was becouse she gave them the hair from the rack wich was displayed behind counters and smeld like plastic and sprays of chemicals has been on the hair after they payed 1000 dollers on the hair they shoulda got at least perfect looking hair if your from canada I REPEAT DO NOT BUY HER HAIR there VERY DISAPOINTED IN WHAT THEY RECIEVED if you want to guy buy her hair GO AHEAD BUT WE WARNED YOU ALL my friend cousin Baught some hair from www.evhair.com and when they baught the hair it showed on her site they bought 2 closures and 2 18 inch hairs wich look like they were 16 inches ( shake my head ) when they orderd it it took half of 2 months to get to there house if it wasnt for ehr friend calling she wouldnt have sent it the same day anyways when the closured and bundles arrived at there house they got the hair they were happy till they seen brittle dry ends of the bundles and the hair felt so dry they payed 706 dollers for it then when she called the bank to pay a bill they said you have no more money in your account she said how can she not have no more money there should be 300 dollers left in it then they said no you dont have anymore money you paid it all to evhair then she said i did not pay 1000 for the hair they said you did it says on the account so she ripped and stole there money with out even telling them she took the money out so watch out if your palnning to get hair from her dont becouse they wouldnt have noticed money was taking from them if it wasnt for her calling her bank to pay some bills

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