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Published: 14 March 2019

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On Sunday June 1, 2014 while employed with Roads End Films, 25749 Canyon Creek Road, Suite 300, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070 we were permitted to be filming daytime hours through Wednesday June 4, 2014 at Hug Point State Park through the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. Per our filming permit, we were allowed to have a person of our crew and/or of our choosing present during overnight hours at the permitted location to watch set pieces; required to be re-erected daily. A member of our crew was set to be there, although they had not committed as of yet, and doing my job, I sought out to get price quotes from security companies in the area just in case, as back up, if my crew member became available. I spoke with Mr. John Kimbrough by phone on this day and he gave me a quote. I let him know the situation that I was still waiting on a confirmation from a crew member and that in the event I wanted to retain his services I would be back in touch with him if my stand-by person became unavailable. That is where this entire situation should have ended, but unfortunately from here it only got worse, much to my surprise. On Monday June 2, 2014 in the early 5PM hour, while my preferred crew member was on set to watch our set pieces overnight, and my cast and crew were wrapping out for the day a man appeared in full security uniform brandishing a handgun and taser device, and began both verbally and physically intimidating and harassing my cast, crew and the person whom I had hired to watch these props and set pieces, whom I later found out Mr. John Kimbrough ironically knew. This man identified himself as John Kimbrough to one of my producers and 2nd Assistant Directors; Sterling Fiock and Jess Farr respectively, This appearance created extreme confusion because we already had someone there to watch our art department overnight. Mind you, I, nor anybody else until that point had ever met him. I was the only one who had any previous contact with him by phone to get an estimate if, and only if, I needed his services. He was never specifically invited, by me or anybody else, to our permitted shooting location. He showed up upon his own accord, because, per a voice mail message he later left me, he wanted to “show up and try to be a professional.” Either you are a professional or you’re not. You don’t try to be anything. Mr. John Kimbrough, showing up without notice, and per the actions he has demonstrated, is far from anything which could reasonably be considered “professional,” but to the contrary, clearly shows that he is aggressive, harassing, desperate and potentially mentally unstable. If he was so professional, he would NOT have shown up to begin with because he was not invited, nor was he even HIRED. His reason for showing up holds little validity and is an outright lie, based upon what he stated to one of my producers, and through subsequent phone calls to me. He was simply disgruntled that he didn’t get the job and he showed up specifically to threaten, intimidate and try to strong-arm us into hiring his services while flaunting his weapons through intense and deliberate body language, and tone of voice, designed to instill fear in my cast and crew and disrupt our work. He became progressively more and more defensive with my team and they put him on the phone with me. I told him that he was not hired simply because the person on my crew who was uncertain to be available, did commit, and that I was a bit surprised and put off that he would show up at all, yet alone with weapons. This is where things got heated on this call, as I told him that showing up uninvited was not only unwarranted, but completely unprofessional if his true objective was to get employment from us, and in doing so, it made himself and his company look very foolish, and made me not want to hire him in the future. He began to use profanity towards me and told me I was breaking the law, and that if I didn’t hire him he would make things extremely difficult for my production and within the area, as he stated to “know every law enforcement office around here and would report me for violations of the law and get me shut down.” I repeated myself and told him in that call that we were permitted to be there and to have a person there overnight and that I only wanted a quotation if I needed his services. I ended the conversation. About 15 minutes later there was a voice mail on my phone from Mr. John Kimbrough and that is where he stated he showed up as a “professional.” I returned his call and again told him that there was never a need for him to show up, because HE WAS NOT HIRED, and as a line producer, and the main liaison to elect who gets hired and who doesn’t on behalf of the production company, his behavior and actions were totally unacceptable and unprofessional. Mr. Kimbrough then again started telling me about how he intends to call every law enforcement office around and report me and my permitted production, and even threatened physical violence against me personally, telling him I should “meet him somewhere and settle this as men.” I asked him what laws I’ve allegedly broke, and he stated that having a person of our own crew on the beach watching our props (which we were permitted to have) constituted that that person was both (1) impersonating an officer of the law, and (2) illegally operating as a security guard. Then he said (3) I was breaking was the overnight camping law by having this person there. Not only was it not his place to quote me what he thought the law was, it definitely was not his job to enforce it. As a “professional” which clearly he isn’t, he wasn’t even supposed to approach my cast and crew, yet alone intimidate and potentially endanger them. I told him this on that call and he became even more enraged with me and said “Michael, you will not get away with this and I will call every law enforcement agency on you and you will never work here again.” I told him I didn’t have time to listen to his unprofessional behavior and that I was becoming late for a dinner meeting with one of my performers, and was going to hang up on him, and that if he wanted to call law enforcement on me, that he absolutely should if it would make him feel better, but reminded him that I am permitted to have a person present during the overnight hours. He started to ramble, calling me every distasteful name he could think of. I told him to not call me ever again or it would be reported as telephonic harassment and I hung up. Immediately following the conclusion of that call I called Cannon Beach Police and notified them of the entire situation, speaking with Officer Shawn Johnson, 503-325-5515 and made a report. Officer Johnson told me that as long as my person was not sleeping on the beach it did not constitute “camping” and that because we were permitted to be there he had no issues with us. He stated that Mr. Kimbrough’s other accusations of how we were allegedly breaking the law held no merit whatsoever. Officer Johnson then told me I should also make a report to Oregon Highway Patrol about the situation in the event that Cannon Beach Police were on a call if another incident occurred, if Cannon Beach Police were unable to respond to the call. This I did, under report number SP14167249 with Oregon Highway Patrol. When I returned back to our crew hotel after dinner around 8:45PM, The Shilo Inn East, at 900 South Holiday Drive, Seaside, Oregon 97138 there was a Seaside Police Officer in the lobby as well as one of my producers, Sterling Fiock. He had made a report to Seaside Police, as he was the one physically on the beach who witnessed Mr. John Kimbrough’s unannounced arrival, disrespectful conduct, and the other half of the phone conversation with me. The officer who was there, Officer G. Knight, took my statement, and told me that the Seaside Chief Of Police knows Mr. Kimbrough and spoke with him about this incident, and that Officer Knight was aware of other local Seaside businesses which have been approached and strong-armed with extreme intimidating and inappropriate ways by Mr. Kimbrough to promote his “services.” On Tuesday June 3rd, 2014 I reported the entire situation to Ms. Laura Kaim with the Seaside Chamber of Commerce and told her about Mr. Kimbrough’s unprofessional and threatening conduct with regard to this unfortunate and completely unnecessary situation. That same day I also made contact by phone with Ms. Julie Johnson at the Oregon Department Of Public Safety and Standards and Training office, to introduce myself, explain the situation and request information on the process of filing a formal complaint against Mr. John Kimbrough and his “Eye On You Security Guards LLC.” If I was the one making the decisions about Mr. John Kimbrough’s ability to legally perform security work within the State Of Oregon, I would call to have his license temporarily suspended or completely revoked until he can be properly trained and is proven by someone at the State Of Oregon to actually follow his agreed upon, Code Of Ethics. There is certainly a reason Mr. Kimbrough is not a law enforcement officer, and merely a security officer. He clearly doesn’t know the laws or care to follow them himself, yet thinks he can impose them onto others. He is the one whom is impersonating a law enforcement officer by trying to quote law and use it to his advantage for his own gain. His professional conduct is deplorable; akin to HBO’s “Tony Soprano.” Hired security is just that; hired. I do the hiring and if Mr. Kimbrough’s business philosophy is that that he can force people to employ him through his manipulative tactics, he is doing himself, and his community a complete disservice. Please see his own social media documentation, enclosed, where he completely mocks the criminal justice system. Verbal and physical threats, physical and verbal intimidation, harassment, feigned knowledge of Oregon laws, and complete disregard for the Code Of Ethics as outlined by the Oregon Department of Public Safety and Standards for Security Officers, is what he has demonstrated. Mr. John Kimbrough’s company is called “Eye On You,” but Mr. Kimbrough himself literally has a “blind eye” for his professional reputation, ethics, and demeanor. He is simply an arrogant thug, who bullies others. Such documentation of his arrogance, indifference to professional conduct, and complete ignorance of the law, as documented within this complaint, should be addressed and reprimanded at the highest magnitude possible; whereas no other business shall suffer the stress, fear and frustration which Mr. Kimbrough imposes onto others without any just cause; other than his own. State Of Oregon Response: DPSST has reviewed the allegations against Mr. John Kimbrough and Eye On You Security, as well as the counter claim by Mr. Kimbrough that Midnite Sun Films was providing security while not certified or licensed. We have found the allegations you submitted to be more likely true than not and issued a letter of counsel to Mr. Kimbrough that subsequent allegation of a similar nature will result in the revocation of his license. The allegation that Midnite Sun Film was providing security is ruled unfounded. Both cases are now closed. Please let me know if I assist in any other way. Julie M. Johnson Compliance Specialist 2 Department of Public Safety Standards & Training Private Security/Private Investigations 4190 Aumsville Hwy SE, Salem, OR 97317 P 503-378-8533 F 503-378-4600

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