Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia

Sold me extremely terrible and low-quality glasses!

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Sonya

I had visited the place to get an eye checkup, which they did. And after the checkup, they told me that I’d need to start wearing glasses. I was a little disappointed to hear that. Still, I got up and bought the glasses from them. The glasses worked fine for some days but then they started to get really blurry. Moreover, they were quite difficult to wear too. I had a doubt that the frame wasn’t of my size. So I took my glasses to the clinic to get a replacement. They told me that I’ll need to buy another pair because apparently, they don’t do exchanges. I was a little irritated by that, to be honest. And I should’ve known then that these people are shady. They don’t sell quality products. They sell cheap and terrible products while not offering any exchange or replacement. This way, they can sell more lenses and frames and make a good amount of money. But it’s unethical. They are taking advantage of the innocence of their patients. They think it’s okay to deceive their patients. But I don’t think so. That’s why I’ve stopped going to Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia. I don’t want to rely on them for any of my treatments. When I had first visited them to get an exchange, I had to buy another pair of glasses from them. Their doctors recommend you to buy glasses from them because they assure you of quality. They are liars. The glasses you’ll find there are the worst. You can find much better glasses in other stores. They sell outdated and cheap stuff at high prices. Clearly, Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia is a huge scam.

The new glasses I had bought from them weren’t any different. They posed the same problems. The lenses melted in sunlight and the frame didn’t fit me properly. I raised this issue with them. I had paid them plenty of money and I still hadn’t gotten the right product for my needs. Anyway, when I discussed this issue with them they started saying that such issues couldn’t be arising with their products. They wouldn’t believe me. And when they did, they just told me that I can buy another pair from them. I realized that if I had to buy a new pair, after all, I can just buy it from a real and reliable place, not this shady clinic. I have stopped going to this place and I’d suggest you do the same. What’s the benefit of visiting this place anyway? They are just a bunch of goons who lie to their patients and sell them low-quality products. They don’t even offer exchanges so that they can make the most money through the products. I don’t think it’s a reliable place. The way they handled my case made me realize that they are a bunch of scammers and nothing more.

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