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Dr. Nguyen is running a big scam and that’s all!

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Published: 29 May 2019

Posted by: Jesse

Dr. Jennifer Nguyen is a thief and is running an unethical and immoral business. They are scammers and they don’t hesitate in stealing from people. Stay away from this place if you care about your money. These people didn’t even accept their mistake and to top it all off, blamed me for complaining. These people have no heart and they clearly don’t feel any guilt or anything. You won’t find any clinic where they give you the wrong glasses and don’t issue a refund, except Eye-script. They stole $600 from me and didn’t even bother to accept their mistake. I had visited this clinic in September 2018 and at that time, they issued me glasses which were too heavy and the lenses that weren’t really clear to see through. They had told me that they were more suitable to see distant objects but they were too shitty for that purpose too.

I had paid them $400 in cash and $200 through my debit card for the glasses and I was regretting my decision since day 1. Those glasses didn’t fit me correctly and the frame was really uncomfortable on my nose. They were harming me more than helping me. I had to stop wearing them. Finally, after wearing those crappy glasses for around 2 weeks, I went back to that clinic to return them. Guess what? Those scumbags don’t take their products back and they don’t issue any refunds in any case. They didn’t give me my $600 back and instead of that, they persuaded me into buying new lenses for the same. I did, and those lenses were equally trashy and useless. This place was just a horrible choice in the first place. All they do is steal your money and give you crappy products to pretend that they are professionals. You won’t believe how horrible these people are until you get a first-hand experience yourself.

I had never faced such terrible and unprofessional behavior. Not only that, I didn’t expect such behavior at this place. I had looked them up online before visiting the place, and there wasn’t any mention of their scam. Their website doesn’t seem shady too. It just goes to show that you can’t trust a book by its cover. These people not only stole $600 from me, but they also denied accepting their fault and tried to put the blame on me. According to them, they could’ve never given me a crappy product. They are mentally-ill and depraved people. It would be better if this optometry clinic is shut down. I don’t think I’m the only person they have scammed. There must’ve been plenty of other people who are the victims of this terrible place. I don’t ever want to go back to that place. And I’d suggest you stay away from that place too. You’d only get scammed. So stay away from Dr. Nguyen and her clinic. You’d be much safer and financially secure when you don’t visit that place.

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