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I regret my decision of joining that place till the present day.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

For a forty-year-old, I had put on too much weight. I could not sleep properly. I woke up all sweaty and greasy. I could not take it anymore and so I decided not to waste any more time and join a fitness center to stay fit and healthy. A lot of people gave me a lot of suggestions. After doing my research, I decided to join F45, North Western. After all the wonderful reviews that I read online, I was assured that this is the perfect place for me to transform into a healthy man.
After completing all the paperwork and formalities, I went in for my first workout session. I saw people of all age groups there but mostly there were adult boys and girls. My trainer seemed to be friendly at first but as time progressed, I got to know the true nature of the place and the staff members. The first week was hectic as took me some time to get used to the daily workout. I had not been in the habit of working out regularly. My trainer did not care. He wanted me to exercise and lift like a young adult. Sometimes, he would get abusive to ‘inculcate motivation’. I did not like it and requested him not to use such forms to impart motivation. For some time, he abstained from using slangs but after a few days, he started using them again. I chose to ignore it.
After some days, he increased the duration of my workout from 45 minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes. On asking why he told me to shut up and keep on hustling. For a man of my age, it was difficult to keep up with such an exhausting workout sequence and so I started skipping classes now and then. When my trainer realized this, he embarrassed me in front of the entire fitness center about how I should give up workout and stay home sewing sweaters. This comment was not only sexist but also unprofessional and unethical. Instead of stopping him, all the staff members started laughing as if it was the greatest joke of the century.
One day when a dumbbell fell off my hand because I was too tired to carry on lifting, he once again made fun of me and the shocking fact is a group of young boys joined in on the joke and started teasing me by calling me ‘an old uncle’. I could not put up with this insult anymore and decided to revoke my membership. I even dropped a letter in the grievance box complaining about the sick environment of the place and the unethical behavior of the trainer and the staff members.
Not only did this place take a toll on my sense of compassion, but also my mental health. One should only join this place if they wish to become a horrible human being with no sense of compassion and respect.

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