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Don’t, I’m telling you, don’t trust these people. These people are nuts.

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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The staff at Facial Beauty Dental is rude, the dentists don’t bother to see if the patient is comfortable and the prices are way higher than they are supposed to be. I had a horrible experience with these people. After that, I did some digging online and I came across the stories of a bunch of other patients who are in reality, victims of this place.
The Facial Beauty Dental has been abysmal in term of their services, they lie to their patients and on top of that their staff is untrained and unprofessional, their website does not have all the relevant information it should contain to let the patients know about their services. Other customers have shown their concern towards Facial Beauty Dental stating that they had to call them every day if they have any problem and still there is no or little response from them, they have refused to pay the claim and most importantly customers have been mostly disappointed because of their customer services. They also claim to treat their patients with care and respect but well that’s not the case so far as the patients have shared their experience about the way they were treated at Facial Beauty Dental. It is currently located in Wixom, Michigan.
I had gone there because of awful tooth pain.  They told me that I would need a root canal but for that, I will need to wait for at least 2 weeks because the only available doctor had gone to vacation. Because of the severe pain, I called them multiple times and I got no or little response from Facial Beauty Dental. Upon contacting them I had been prescribed antibiotics to get relieved from pain but that did not help me out. After multiple requests, they finally set an appointment with another dentist. They also told me that all the fines would be handled by Facial Beauty Dental. But that’s not the case as they cheat their patient. I was shocked to see that they had sent a bill for about $400 from the dentist they sent to her and was charged on my account. These types of behavior show that how dental clinics like Facial Beauty Dental are keen to make money from the pocket of customers. She never wishes to consult Facial Beauty Dental again for any kind of treatment.
One of the customers went to Facial Beauty Dental for treatment and paid a bill of around $10,000 in cash. As now, she has left Facial Beauty Dental and went for another dentist for a cleaning. She claimed that she had several crowns on her teeth that were not the proper size which was causing the problem. She knew that it all started when she left Facial Beauty Dental because of their improper treatment and lack of professionalism, the patient now has to bear a lot of pain and moreover, she is also spending a lot of money on it.

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