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Published: 16 March 2019

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I was first contacted by Ms. Mary-Ann Barr on April 6, 2013 after I submitted a request for more information through the Factory Expo Homes website. I was initially impressed by her quick response and thoroughness in answering all of my questions. I had no idea what a mistake it would be to do business with her and FEH. After a few weeks of working with Ms. Barr via e-mail and over the phone, it was time to finalize the purchase of my manufactured home. On my second visit to Chandler, it was evident that Ms. Barr was eager to close the deal. Ms. Barr’s demeanor had become dismissive, and she was clearly unwilling to review the details of the contract with me. Ms. Barr assured me that the home would meet the building requirements for San Diego County, and that FEH would not begin the build until I confirmed that everything was a “go” on my end. The Bill of Sale was signed on April 25, 2013. After few changes to the floor plan and original Bill of Sale, Ms. Barr confirmed the receipt of the Escrow forms and my payment on May 7, 2013, and this would be the last time I would hear from her. To my surprise, Xohitl Johnson from FEH contacted me in early July to inform me that my home was already built and ready for transport. It was my understanding that the funds paid were to remain in Escrow until I gave notice that I was ready for the home to be built. On top of it all, I was told by my local buuilding department that the manufactured home that I purchased from FEH does not meet Fire Safety Codes & Regulation for San Diego County. For the past few weeks, I have tried contacting Ms. Barr to no avail. On November 11, 2013 I was finally contacted by a gentleman (who did not name himself) from FEH who basically told me that I signed the contract and I’m out of luck. FEH did not hesitate to take my 100K of my hard-earned money. The least they could do is work with me to resolve the situation, especially when they were not 100% honest during the transaction. If Ms. Barr and FHE have any integrity or care for their reputation, they need to do the right thing and correct this issue. At this time, my options are to take the home as is and spend an adittional 50K on retrofitting, or pursue legal action against FHE in order to recover my funds. If you are in the market for a manfactured home, please do not do business with Factory Expo Homes in Chandler, AZ.

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