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Published: 24 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Steven Poe, the “Director of Client Relations” steals money! He collected a debt from our client but refuses to pay us. He stated that he “Sent a check” then a month later they forgot and they would send again. After several attempts at sending a check we asked him for a tracking number or check number… He hung up on us. We have tried calling multiple times and emailing but he is never at the office… He is but he’s hiding like the coward he is. We then called the office and pretended to be a new client. He was all of a sudden at his office. Then when we told him who we were, he said he was checking on our account and hung up on us. I call him and email him every day but he ignores all of our calls. Sometimes he has people pick up his phone just to say he’s not available. They first went by the name Kuntz Law Firm they they changed their name to Fairbanks, Goldstein & Rodriguez LLC. I assume Steven Poe is the Owner because he calls himself the “Director of Client Relations” but he hangs up on his client and doesn’t return calls or emails and has people ignoring calls from our number. Nobody would allow that guy to work for them. I am currently talking to the Texas State Attorney’s General Office of Ken Paxton, the U.S. Attorney Generals Office and the Federal Trade Commision in regards to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I do not imagine they will keep the same name for long. We keep a log of every conversation, date and person we talk to and will be forwarding that information to each office. Do not do business with Steven Poe or FG&R or Kuntz Law Firm, unless you want them to collect debts, use your name and keep the money for themselves.

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