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Dishonest people and disappointing experience!

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Published: 20 July 2019

Posted by: George

I ordered shirts from Fairfax Screen Printing for the first time and didn’t know what type of material these T-shirts were made from. I had searched around online and came across something different. The poor quality of T-shirts and the design were not presentable for purchase. This is not what I wanted from those guys. The dishonest staff and bad choices of colors printed on these T-shirts are disappointing.

There is no quality in their thin cotton material or in the style of clothing chosen for designs. The prices are high for the low-quality clothing they sent my way.

The bad services affected me from day one of my order. I didn’t think a small order of T-shirts will cause such issues with the company. They sent me the different styles of embroidery on each T-shirt. It wasn’t my choice. I couldn’t return it to Fairfax Screening Printing. They don’t do refunds so I had to keep the order. It was a significant loss to me and their customer service is negative. There is no help or pleasantness provided by the staff at Fairfax Screen Printing.

Everything sounded good but the delivery of T-shirts showed another part of the company I did not know of. The product in hand shows me the lack of skill in art and embroidery. At Fairfax Screen Printing a low-quality set of clothing is put together and sold online.

Their bad customer services will burn this business down to the ground. Orders from the company are promised and are not delivered on time or are delivered on time but end up on someone else’s doorstep.

They have not met my needs and I don’t recommend Fairfax Screen Printing to any customer who needs T-shirts with creative art prints.

Other customers shouldn’t have to go through what I have with this online company. Their bad skills in communication and the unanswered telephone calls concerning my order are not good experiences. The frustration increases and the bad customer services go downhill.

My order lacked color and perfect designs. I got undesirable colors and patterns on T-shirts. They have zero creativity and the business is not popular due to the terrible customer service they have.

Customer service is not to be bragged about at Fairfax Screen Printing. The staff members don’t put talent in their designs. They don’t use good inks to make attractive designs. Products made by Fairfax Screen Printing require a lot of specific inks of which are not used. T-shirts get painted on more than once to make them look creative. With other businesses, customer services always come first but that\’s not the case at Fairfax Screen Printing.

There was no prompt reply from the company, and they did not get back to me about my unwanted order. At Fairfax Screen Printing they are slow and don’t contact customers to update the printing process of T-shirts. The business deals are poorly managed and that’s not what I would recommend to other customers. They lack punctuality and business without punctuality is not a positive one. I learned from this experience and will not recommend Fairfax Screen Printing to my friends.

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