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Fairhaven International Ltd will crush your dreams and leave you desperate and depressed

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Published: 30 July 2017

Posted by: Otis C. Hall

You know that point in your life when you decide it’s time for a change? When you take that big step and leave the nice job you have and put all your savings into the one thing you always wanted to do, but never could? Not a lot of people are ever able to do it, but I actually got the chance in 2013. But then everything I saved up was gone, and I was knee deep in debt too, all thanks to the assholes at Fairhaven International Ltd.
It was a call from one of their sales reps that actually had me thinking I should finally start that project I’d always dreamed of doing. It was only going to be a small startup business, but I’d thought of it very fondly over the years, and I couldn’t wait to get it started. I had about $50,000 saved up and wanted to invest it in my project. So when she told me about their cool interest rates, I decided I’d go for it. My friends and family supported me through this. I quit my job and pinned all my hopes on my project.
And then there was the matter of funding. This is where Fairhaven International Ltd came in. When they found out I was interested, they were extremely helpful and efficient. They got the paperwork done in a matter of days. I thought these were good signs and that it meant that they were reliable. I could not have been more wrong about these dipshits.
On the 23d of November that year, everything was finalized. By the end of the year, I hoped to have my funding. The deal was that they would get me 1,000,000. A couple of weeks passed by, and I heard nothing from them. I wanted to catch them before the holiday season. Finally I called them, and they told me they were working on it. After my phone call, they sent me a mail. An invoice, actually. There was some conversion fee, some legal fee and something about handling fee. Handling what? I hadn’t gotten any money! It came to a total of $75,240! I knew right away that people around me wouldn’t understand if I told them I wanted to go through with it. I was obsessed at the time about my project idea. I wish I’d stopped to think before I’d made the payment. I put my life’s savings into it. But because it wasn’t enough, I borrowed money from someone and told them I’d give it back soon.
I tried contacting Fairhaven International Ltd over the next few months, well into the new year to see if funding came through. My wife found out what I’d done and she’s filing for a divorce now. She can’t trust me anymore, she says. I’ve lost my job, my marriage and my savings to these sons of bitches.
Do NOT trust Fairhaven International Ltd.

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