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Count Fairhaven International in the List of Bogus Fee-Based Financial Services.

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Published: 20 August 2017

Posted by: Julianne K. Simons

What are the prominent signs of identifying a scam? Some say check online presence. Some say go and visit the person, place. Nothing works, to be honest. Dere’s no way you can identify a con artist. I blame it on poor timing and bad decisions taken. Have u heard of Fairhaven International Pvt. Ltd? You should. They’re new con artists. I’m saying it because u might be their new victim. Don’t ask me about money. Ask me about pain, suffering, tragedy and trauma. They caused it a lot. It is my turn to kick them. Are u with me?
These guys offer financial services. This is the business plan. I never did the background check. Andy, their manager, called and I agreed. This is how I’ve been doing it all my life. U need to believe me.
I checked the website. It was just a single-page site. I discussed it with some known people. It wasn’t a condition that one-page site is a sign of poor management. Scammers had used fancy and expensive sites to trick people in the past. The funny bit was using a Church image on it.
I deposited money. Soon, Andy stopped talking sense. He started asking for more money. It wasn’t mentioned anywhere. It wasn’t the deal. I tried asking him but he proved a disappointment. He was acting a like a cheap thug. I lost track. I wanted to punch, kick him.
I took a day off from work. It was 18th November. I spent the weekend doing nothing. I gathered information on Fairhaven International and other such artists. My intention was to get a strong grip on scammers.
The response I got was shittier. I called them (713) 517-1469. The mails also failed ([email protected]). They rejected the concern and asked me to pay the amount to get things moving. I was surprised. These bastards don’t care if brand image is lost. They take a kind of pride in pissing people of.
The discussion simply died. They’d nothing to say in defense. It was the worst investment decision of my life. It panics me to death to learn these guys are out and free in society. U should know it has become a personal battle. I’m going to hunt them down. In one or other way, they would pay price for their misdeeds.
I took my chance and contacted David A. Munson. There was no positive outcome. There’s no point in complicating things. They should inform the investors in advance. When I asked about my money refund, there was no concrete response.
U should know that scam artists are good at making smart statements. They’re bad on standing on commitment. I request everyone to borrow time. There’s no guarantee if you can stay away from scam artists. You should stay updated. You should try to help one another with information. This is what I thought and this is what I’m doing.
U need to stay away from Fairhaven International. This is the only I advise I’ve to offer.

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