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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Gloria C. Smith

I bought a 2016 Jeep Cherokee SUV from Fairmont Ford for $22,400. The dealership claimed that the Jeep had all the original parts and had a mileage of 20 mpg in the city. I didn’t have much time to test out the vehicle thoroughly as I had to go to a meeting, however, I did take a test drive and the car ran fine. I didn’t feel any discomfort while driving the vehicle and it felt awesome. I bought the SUV from them got the paperwork done, I have to say that these guys are really good at selling stuff, I didn’t realize any of the issues in the car. The salesmen at Fairmount are talented as fuck though, they can sell you shit for a fortune and they did just that with me. I can’t believe that I paid more than 20 grand for the piece of shit that this car is. The right headlight of the car started flickering just after 3 months after I took it home from the dealership. Not only that, the headlight completely stopped working 3 days after that. I went to the dealership as soon as possible because I mainly drive in the night and it gets really difficult to drive without proper lighting. The guys at the Fairmount Ford charged a whopping $500 for the headlight. They didn’t simply change the bulb; instead, they changed the whole fucking headlight unit of the car. I wouldn’t have minded this if the headlight had other issues as well, but there weren’t any other ones!

If you think that was enough then you are going to get shocked after hearing this. The upholstery of the car started ROTTING AWAY!!! It happened 6 months after the purchase. I was driving home with pizza on the front seat and I noticed that the leather seats of the Jeep Cherokee were literally rotting. It was DISGUSTING. I have 3 vehicles, one Mercedes, one Volvo and lastly this Jeep. I have bought dozens of cars during my life so I have enough experience with them to know whether the seats are real leather or not. And believe me, the seats of my Jeep were made from some shitty material which was definitely not leather. I contacted the dealership AGAIN and asked them about this issue. They simply avoided my question and implied that I changed the upholstery of my car and it wasn’t their fault. WHY WOULD I GET SHITTY UPHOLSTERY FOR MY OWN CAR!!! These guys were just scared of getting caught and that is why they started making excuses, one moment they admitted their mistake, the other they outright denied it.

Just STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM Fairmont Ford, these people use extremely cheap stuff in their cars and charge WAY TOO much for basic parts. They don’t sell many cars these days and are trying to make up for it by stealing money from their existing customers. Please keep away from these freaks and spread this message.

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