Fairmont Olympic Hotel - Seattle

It will be better to stay away from this place.

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Published: 25 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I always prefer 5-star hotels. In my opinion, 4 stars hotel are little low than 5-star ones in terms of their services and cleanliness. Though 4 stars hotels cost you much less than but I would rather prefer the 5-star ones. But recently, I had a chance to stay at one of this hotel because I had an interview in Seattle city. As I was staying for a very short period I thought to look for the 4-star hotels there. Though the Google reviews I read were amazing, Fairmont Olympic Hotel was the total opposite of what the reviews stated. According to the website of Fairmont Olympic Hotel they state that they have got one of the best services in town, their rates are cheaper than most of the hotels in the city. They claimed that they also offer amenities like free wifi, spa, indoor pool, and a fitness center. But all their claims went in vain as I went there; I was shocked to see the quality of their services as they failed to deliver to me what they had claimed on their website previously. As my trip was short, I didn’t focus on the research and chose this hotel. In my opinion, for the price, it is a very poor hotel if you compared it to the rest of the hotels in the city. You would still get much better facilities than this one. Fairmont Olympic Hotel doesn’t offer you breakfast also, and every other thing is too overpriced. Even a single bottle of mineral water costs you $9 which is hilarious in itself. The room I got was very dusty, I don’t know where was their room cleaning staff. Also, the bed was dusty on which I couldn’t even sleep upon, and there were lint flying everywhere in the room. Bathroom fitting was horrible and was uncomfortable to use also shower hardly any force for the water. The main doors are too hard to open, also the biggest problem was air conditioning, and the vents were along with the windows and behind the curtains. So basically you can either have room temperature-controlled or either keep them closed. You can’t do both of them simultaneously. I don’t like keeping the curtains open so I closed them for a bit, the next minute I was sweating because all the cool air went behind the curtains. On the whole, I had a horrible experience staying at Fairmont Olympic Hotel; I usually don’t like to stay here and personally don’t like their service. In my opinion, customers should be your priority and you should always make sure that your customer feels great whenever he is availing your services. Also, you should make sure that the prices should not be overpriced and should keep in the range. Fairmont Olympic Hotel disappointed me with their services, I would not be coming back again nor am I going to recommend it to anyone. They have to improve a lot of things, which I don’t think they will.

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