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Published: 28 December 2018

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Patrick Oliver-Kelley, PhD. on his website for Falcon Financial Advisors (www.falconfinl.com) represents his firm as a privately owned “international merchant banking firm” specializing in raising capital for public and privately owned companies. Kelley states that Falcon Financial Advisors (FFA) have cumulatively executed over hundred transactions with a total value in excess of $750 million for his clients. Kelley then provides his client list which contains many large public companies including several Fortune 500 companies. All potential customers should be extremely circumspect of an elderly one-man internet show operating from multiple former apartment addresses that insists on the four-part moniker Patrick Oliver-Kelley, PhD. Spend a little time looking and you will find that the “Doctor” received his academic doctorate from Buxton University in the United Kingdom. Buxton is an unaccredited vendor of long distance education, or under law enforcement lingo, an “illegal diploma mill”. Be aware of Kelley’s requests for advance fees for potential loans. He will characterize these requests as necessary to maintain his vast network of high level contacts. Kelley will boast about his past record of multi-million dollar financing with major public companies. Please do your due diligence to discover if a single one of these transactions has actually ever occurred. Be very wary when Kelley attempts to pass you on to other multiple funders. Ask, is this the guy that can actually write a check? You may discover very quickly that the Doctor will shuffle you from one fruitless, clueless contact to another. All through this shuffle, Kelley will repeatedly press for additional advance fees. In summary, please spend a little time researching Patrick Oliver-Kelley before you give him a dime. If after becoming apprised of Kelley’s record, you remain inclined to do business with him, I would be happy to introduce you to a Nigerian prince that I met on the internet. .

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