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Published: 03 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

After going on LinkedIn and finding that Family Art Photography was hiring for a photographer, I was excited to apply. The description on LinkedIn was that I would be taking photos of guests in neighboring hotels. The desired experience and details about the job are as follows: We offer training and can provide the equipment. Photography knowledge is obviously an advantage. I have some experience with taking photos on a professional level so I was stoked I would be able to take photos for a commission. I applied early morning and received an email later that day from Glenn Ringel with a little more details about the job. We agreed to meet a few days later at the premises for a face-to-face interview. Finally that day came and we introduced ourselves. Less then five minutes into the interview, he told me that I wouldn’t be a great fit for the job because, as he stated, “I would look like a pedophile taking photos of children.” The job was supposed to take photos and lure families to come to the brick-and-mortar store for photo shoots and printing. He kept insisting to sell myself to him but everytime I would try to speak he would interject something, trying to discourage me about not taking the job. He was telling me that being as tall and soft spoken as I am that I would incite thoughts in the patrons that I was a “pedophile.” I didn’t even get a chance to fully sell myself because he was constantly telling me that I “wouldn’t like getting paid commission” and being “called a pedophile.” I was humiliated and felt so small. Glenn Ringel didn’t even give me a chance to prove my worth. He told me that he wanted a female photographer because they don’t carry the stigma of being a pedophile by taking photos of children. I’ve worked retail and with children in the past but it fell on deaf ears. Be very careful when applying for this discriminatory company.

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