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Published: 19 December 2018

Posted by: Dean

If you’ve been planning on joining Family Chateaux because of their ‘curated investment opportunities’ or their ‘secure network’, think again. Because what it seems at first, is not what it is in reality. They claim to offer you an entry into an exclusive club of ultra-wealthy people for networking. However, you’ll end up losing money instead of finding any valuable opportunities.

Owned by Tami Kautzman, Family Chateaux is a part of the Kautzman Alliance. A family office, Family Chateaux is a bait to lure investors to fuel the personal expenses of Tami. A family office is supposed to be a wealth management firm for a family. What Family Chateaux does, is claiming to be one.

What is Family Chateaux?

According to their official website, Family Chateaux provides Family Office and UHNW (ultra high-net-worth) clients, entry to a confidential investment platform. They claim this platform provides investment opportunities from their large network of high-value members.

On their website, you will find the following services listed:

Deal Sourcing

They say Family Office professionals reach out to them for finding lucrative business deals. They are claiming to be a high-authority figure to have opportunities coming directly to them. To tell you the truth, their offered deals aren’t any lucrative.

In fact, many investors who took interest in Family Chatueax’s deals ended up losing money. And such losses have taken place in numerous instances, proving their deal sourcing service to be a sham.

Another highlight is the huge brokerage fees of Tami Kautzman. You not only have to pay them for joining the exclusive club but pay them for any deals you get here as well. The brokerage fees of this club are considerably higher than the regular charges.

Strategic Introductions and Events

They also offer you an entry into a network of ‘inspirational industry leaders.’ Such an opportunity can lure anyone but their customers have reported of meeting only salespeople and brokers in their strategic introductions.

Finding a good family office for financial dealings is a herculean task with Family Chateaux. You’ll be disappointed if you wish to meet high-level contacts, businesspeople or investors. You’ll be presented with salespeople in most gatherings, which take place in other people’s homes.

The Reality behind the Bogus Exterior

With Family Chateaux, Tami Kautzman has tried to lure investors using the name of Armand Marciano. You are being promised entry into a place where they claim to give off-market business deals and opportunities to network with ultra-rich people. While the reality is, you don’t get any of those things.

They state that because of the exclusivity of the club, all the deals you find here are off-market. This means you have no means to cross-check the deals and do any research. Take a look at their investment criteria and you’ll see that all kinds of deals require a hefty sum.

As most of the deals have done poorly in the past, it would be a huge risk to take part in any one of them.  The SEC should take a close look at the operations of this organization due to the promotion of bogus deals.

It is recommended to stay away from this organization and its concept. You will be able to save a lot of money just by doing so.

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