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Kautzman Alliance and Family Chateaux are both big shams

So you’ve read about Family Chateaux and its most enthusiastic propounder, Tami Kautzman? I did too and learnt how it was an exclusive networking club that would give you more access towards the best contacts and families, etc. etc. However, the Kautzman Alliance and Family Chateaux are both big shams as in they are ineffective and have got investors who still don’t know they are being taken for a ride. These people are being promised entry into an exclusive club and greater business but nothing of that sort is really taking place.

Kautzman will accept all people paying the annual fee which really pays for only her own expenses. There are a few events and social gatherings that are organized across people’s homes. They also pay for selling deals to members. Being Armand Marciano’s girl surely has its benefits. This is used by Kautzman to sell her deals and these are charged higher than regular brokerage charges. I have been approached and wooed hugely across these meetings.

That’s how I learnt it was all a sham. These meetings have more brokers and salespersons attending than actual members of the family or exclusive club as they like to call it. Some of the deals that have been brought forward by Kautzman have drawn investors in the past but they have got really terrible results. The SEC or other organizations should certainly look into such organizations. If it is true that Kautzman is peddling such poor deals under the guise of a social networking and business club then things should come to a stop. You should be VERY CAREFUL and ideally stay away from this concept and Kautzman altogether. I stayed away and am thankful that my hard earned money is not going down the drain.

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