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Published: 24 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company is a place people should be aware of. I was in the store on Saturday 2/23/19, and while there I was looking at jewelry and stood next to a young man looking for a ring for his wife. He seemed to being having a hard time deciding, and he asked me what I though about a certain ring. I told him that the diamonds lookd a little foggy, meaning the quality of the ring was not very good. He appreciated my help. I asked the young lady helping him if she had the little eye glass to see the diamonds and quality and she said no. She became very agitated and went over to talk to the owner David Hunter. | She returned, upset and began to be rude to me for helping the young man. Then the owner David Hunter came over and was very rude to me, insulting me and raising his voice. I tried to ignore him, but he began trying to remove me from the area of the young man and insulted me again. My husband asked the man what his problem was, and he said “your wife is my problem”. Then the guy started swearing at my husband using the F Bomb. He used it several times, and was yelling at this point. The young man and I could not believe the owners behavior. Swearing at customers like that is extremely wrong. I was only helping the young man so he would know what he was going to purchase from the store. | It seemded that they did not want the young man to know the quality of the products. It seemed they were hiding something. The young man told he he was very thankful for my help. We became scared of this man’s yelling ang behavior. I should have called the police and filed a police report. This would be considered intimation and misconduct on the owner. I asked the man yelling if he was the owner and said stated yes in a loud voice. | The man asked my husband what he did for a living, and my husband responded he was a retired multi-millionaire, which he is. The man stated, “Sure you are”. He didn’t ask me of course, but I am a retired Judge from Arizona. His behavior was something I have never heard or seen before in a company or business. | Utah Law states: | Utah Code: Chapter 9, Offenses Against Public Order and Decency, PT 1 Code 76-9-102 Disorderly Conduct | (1) A person is guilty of disorderly conduct if: | (b) intending to cuase public inconvveniiences, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, | (b) (i) engages in fightling or in violent, tumultuous, or alarm or threatening behavior is guilty of a misdeamenor | I am thinking of filing charges on the business and the owner David Hunter. No customer should endure this manner of treatment at any time. If I was presiding on this case, I would surley treat this individual fairly but harsh in his fine or jail time. | Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints here in the community, it is very hard to listen to such language and treatment. | I would be careful of any customer going to the company for any needs. You may not recieve a quality product and the treatment you receive may not be good at all. No person should treat a customer this way what so ever.

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