Family Pool Fun

Family Pool Fun

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Published: 25 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We spent a year saving to get a pool for this summer. Finally, in May we were able to order. The reviews I read all seemed fine and so we went with it. We prepped the land, bought stones, sand and wood to build a deck. When we began unpacking the pool we realized everything but the liner was wrong. Right away my husband contacted them, and nobody replied to us. Finally, after calling three times a woman told him it was a busy week and that everyone had been off for various reasons. She said she would “look into it”… nobody called. | Finally, by week two my husband was fed up. He emailed and was told in response that the person dealing with it was not in, so he called and who answered? The person dealing with it. He (my husband) was chastised like a child and told he should have kept everything packaged. But we had no way of knowing it was wrong and were attempting to install it when we realized it. He (my husband) was then told to ‘calm down’ because the man didn’t care for his tone. Instead of apologizing and offering up a solution he told my husband he would send us a shipping label so we could ship back the CORRECT pool liner. | Once the liner was recieved by them, they would then send us the smaller liner that fits the incorrect pool parts sitting in our yard and we would be refunded $325. So, they offered us a solution that was easy for them, forget the customer! | Their response time and customer service has been absolutely awful! We are now without our $2200 and without our 12X24 pool that we paid for and left with a 12X20 pool that is incomplete. It is nearly mid-June at this point. My son’s birthday had to be canceled because you can’t have a pool party without a pool can you? No apology, no sincerity, nothing! Of course we could dispute the charge, but they we are responsible for shipping it back which means money lost for us. So our only option is to take the runner up pool they’ve dumped on us and they pocket this money with no repercussions from their error which now I see they do VERY often. | I’m convinced this is a scam, they intentionally send you the wrong pool. It’s probably a clearance pool or an overstock they are trying to get rid of. They know it’s impossible to just ship back an 800 pound package once you’ve opened it. He (the owner) thinks he is slick but I plan of reporting this EVERYWHERE! I am not happy with the “Solution” offered. I want what I paid for and I think it’s only fair at this point that I get an upgrade of some sort or some money back for all the time lost and aggrevation because of this. | I’ve never in my life dealt with such terrible customer service, not in the U.S. or in other countries. I hope other people read this and consider this before buying!!! NOT worth it. Take more time and do better research than I did. This company is TERRIBLE!

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