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Published: 04 March 2019

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Walmart and FamilyMobile, This is regarding FamilyMobile account xx666 (Carolyn Matthews). You have made promises to me and broke them time and time again. This is not the definition of good customer service. You have told me several times now (in both writing and over the phone) that my account will be zeroed out and that any charges that you have made against me will be waived. You have told me that charges you made against me were in fact unwarranted and they will removed from my account. You have not only failed completely waive all charges associated with my account (like you promised), but you have resorted to making legal and financial threats against me. Walmart and FamilyMobile, you have crossed the line with me. I will now provide a detailed history of what has happened, how promises were made and broken, and how you are now on the verge on unjustly damaging my credit. It’s incredibly wrong what you have done and we insist it is made right. On March 1, 2014 I ordered a FamilyMobile simcard and phone. I subsequently tried the phone for 1-2 hours and returned both the simcard and phone to familymobile. Since it was a pre-paid service I assumed by returning the phone and simcard I was effectively canceling service. I was wrong. I received a letter on April 29, 2014 informing me that my account was suspended and demanded $55.17. I wrote the following email to FamilyMobile Customer Service: Original Message Follows: ———————— Account Number: xx666 Pin number: 8624 Name on Account: Carolyn Matthews I ordered sometime in march of this year a family mobile sim card and phone from Walmart. We tried out the phone for one day ( about 1-2 hours) and decided it was not for us. We packaged up the phone and sim card and returned it to walmart. See below for verification that the phone was returned. Your records will note that there has been no activity on the account. Dear Jacob Matthews, We have received the items you returned and have credited your account for them. ===================================================== RETURNED ITEMS Return Authorization Number: 2677982084531001 —————————————————– Order Date: March 1, 2014 Order Number: 2677982084531 ITEM QTY PRICE TOTAL —————————————————– Walmart Family Mobile – Sam… 1 24.88 24.88 I believed by returning the phone and sim card that it was effectively CANCELING my Family Mobile Service. To my understanding it is a pre-paid service and by NOT paying in advance it should be clear that I no longer wished to have the service. It should be clear that returning the phone and sim that I was canceling my service and no longer wanted it. Anyways, I speak hours on the phone with your customer service department and they claimed that they could not do anything to waive any charges on my account, nor could they cancel my account. As your records show I used the phone for at most 1-2 hours on one day. Your records will also show the phone and sim card have been returned. I received a letter in the mail dated April 29, 2014 and it stated my service is now suspended and that this letter is an attempt to collect a debt. I should only pay for things that I use. It is really shady that your organization is seeking to claim I owe you money for a service that I am no longer using and CANNOT use due to the fact the sim card and phone have been returned. Seriously, I used the service for 1-2 hours in March and promptly returned the phone and sim via mail, which is how I received them. Please waive all charges to my account and please terminate my account. Please call the number below to speak with my husband Jacob Matthews who I give complete permission to speak about this account and to make decisions concerning it as well. -Carolyn and Jacob Matthews (801) 450-8996 FamilyMobile Customer Service responded to my e-mail on May 6, 2014 the following: On May 6, 2014, at 12:21 PM, Customer Relations wrote: Hello, Walmart Family Mobile Powered by T-Mobile (?Family Mobile?) is in receipt of your correspondence regarding the disputed balance on the account. After careful review, we have determined that no usage occurred and we have issued an adjustment for the entire balance of $55.17, leaving the final balance at $0.00. You may disregard your next bill as all new monthly recurring charges created will be adjusted after the bill has printed. . We also already canceled your account (05/06/2014).We regret any inconveniences experienced and are hopeful you consider Family Mobile in the future. You may visit us on the internet at for our latest promotions. Thank you for being a Family Mobile customer. Sincerely, Family Mobile Piere P. 1450179 Customer Relations In this e-mail FamilyMobile agreed that my account would be 1) Cancelled, 2) the charge of $55.17 waived, and 3) that my final balance would be $0.00. FamilyMobile and Walmart lied to me as on may 24, 2014 I received another letter from FamilyMobile claiming I owed $5.70 for a one time charge to restore from suspend. Your organization lied to me. Apperantly I was charged $5.70 for re-activating my suspended account to contest a charge or $55.17 that YOUR organization agreed was not fair and subsequently waived. On June 4, 2014 I emailed FamilyMobile the following email: Please read ALL of the emails below from me and your organization. Per your emails below “We also already canceled your account (05/06/2014).” I received a letter from your organization dated May 24, 2014 attempting to bill me $5.70. $5.00 of that is a one time charge to “ RESTORE FROM SUSPEND” and the remaining 70 cents is for taxes, fees and surcharges. This is a bogus charge….I was not attempting to restore service with you when I contacted you in early May. I was trying to resolve a bill that you sent me after two months of me not using the service….a service which I believed I had cancelled effectively by returning the phone and sim card to Walmart via mail the very day after we had received them via mail. Please rectify this immediately by eliminating the unwarranted and unjust charge and by COMPLETELY cancel my account. I do not want to receive any further physical communications from your organization as we no longer have a business relationship. Please do the ethical thing and confirm via e-mail that the charge of 5.70 is no longer on my account and that my ACCOUNT is actually and truly cancelled. Again, I stress that I never want to receive another bill from your organization as our business relationship was terminated effective the day I processed an online return to send the phone and sim card back to Walmart. Not only did your organization ignore that email, but sent me another letter on June 12, 2014 demanding payment of the $5.70. On June 15, 2014 at approximately 3:50pm I spoke with a customer service representative at 1-877-760-8760 and he agreed after reviewing all the notes on my account and all the emails from FAMILYMOBILE that the charge of $5.70 was unwarranted. Jay informed me that his supervisor would email the department responsible to waive charges. He apologized and said that this would be taken care of. AGAIN, I was lied to by FAMILYMOBILE as I have now received another letter dated June 23, 2014 demanding payment of $5.70. In this letter you are threatening to turn my account over to a collection agency. Your appeal process is broken and onesided. The only number you provide will accept payments, but is unable to waive customer charges. They cannot even waive unjust, unwarranted, and unfair charges like the one you have made against me. I have emailed your customer support team that has authority to waive charges and I have been ignored. That is by definition a broken system. There are not words enough to describe my disgust at your attempt to steal $5.70 from me. You are a behemoth in size with the customer service skills worthy of a brutal thuggish crime lord. I have done everything in my power to help your organization do the right thing. I have reached out to you via email, phone, and even social media. You have IGNORED me and THREATENED ME. You are trying to defraud me of $5.70, even though customer representatives agree I shouldn’t owe anything and have PROMISED to waive charges. LIARS! SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOR! This is what you will do: You will waive ALL charges associated with account xx666 (Carolyn Matthews). You will STOP sending threatening letters. You WILL apologize and send electronic confirmation and written confirmation via USPS that the account is in fact zeroed out, cancelled, and that you WILL NOT be reporting us to any credit agencies. You will call me and apologize and get this resolved. You will do this, this is non-negotiable. I will be taking Walmart to small claims court otherwise. And you will lose. Jacob West Jordan, Utah

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