Fannie May Fine Chocolate

Fannie May Fine Chocolate

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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Yesterday, I tried to shop at They are a gourmet chocolate gift service that is part of the 1800flowers conglomerate. I had received a $60 dollar certificate from discovercard rewards so I thought I would give it a try. What a mess that organization is….. On first opening the page, I was greeted with an offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49 dollars. I shopped and found several item totaling about a little over $80. I entered the promo code that they advertised and the computer said that none of the items in my cart qualified for the free shipping. OK, so I went to enter my certificate number from discovercard and it would not work either. OK, I thought, they must be having computer trouble…. | Then I called customer service, I was told to call another number to activate my certificate. I called that number and they referred me to another phone number. | As I wrote it down, I realized that IT WAS THE SAME NUMBER I USED TO call that service rep. When I told her about it she hung up on me. | Somewhere in the phone calls I was advised that it was free shipping day and that I had to choose from a list of qualifying products and if I pushed the “SHOP NOW” button on the free shipping promo page, I would be taken to that list. I did so and found that one of my $40 dollar candy bars did not qualify. I removed it and still it did not work… I am determined (I shop online all the time, I’m not going to let this website get the better of me) So I closed everything, went back on another laptop computer and followed the free shipping Shop Now link, found my 50 dollars of gourmet junk, entered the code 30557, they still want 23 dollars in shipping free’s. | So I chat with an online agent (in who knows where), She explained that because it was a food item that they put in an icepack that will keep it fresh…. Huh? There is not an item on their website that is not a food item, therefore every item does not qualify for free shipping. NO WHERE on the website does it define that there is an upcharge to put their crap in a box and keep it fresh….. what idiots! I am the idiot, there goes 90 minutes of my time trying to make sense of their website and policies. | They even offer something called PASSPORT. It is like amazon prime that gives you free shipping across the 8 brands of the 800 flowers monopoly. It costs $30 dollars for free standard shipping for a year with an automatic renewal. They still charge you 23 dollars for the icepak but you can refreeze it and use it in your cooler….. IDIOTS! | Where did I get ripped off? I spent about an hour and a half of my life trying to make sense of why they would offer free shipping and then charge shipping anyway. I wasted my reward bonus dollars on a junk certificate that I will not use because of there decietful practices. The holidays are coming up and I probably would have sent gifts galore, thank goodness that I found out how it is today instead of neglecting my family, friends, and business associates at the holidays.

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